2012 Crossfit Open starts in nine days
Registration is now live for the 2012 Crossfit Open. Anybody in the world is invited to register and compete. The Open will consist of five workouts over five weeks starting February 22nd and concluding March 23rd.  The workouts are easy to complete and we will be doing them as a gym.  Sign up so you can enter your scores and see where you stack up.  There’s no pressure and it’s a lot of fun. To register for the 2012 Crossfit Open go here.

Performance and Alcohol: A great Pre Games Open Competition reminder from Crossfit Coastal:  “Alcohol Will Make You Suck”

New Balance Minimus Raffle

The New Balance Store of Wilmington and Crossfit Wilmington is giving one lucky member the opportunity to win a brand new pair of the NB Minimus.
The NB Minimus is a barefoot-inspired line of shoes created specifically for runners seeking a truly minimalist experience. It’s a cross-category collection, including road running, trail running, and wellness shoes.
To register for the raffle fill out one of the tickets and place it in the box located at the front desk. One entry per person.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs Done Right
I give quite a bit of nutrition and supplement suggestions and recommendations.  The foundation of performance is diet.  Fixing your diet means supplementing too.  Our diet, no matter how Paleo, still leaves us deficient in a few things.   They are; Fish Oil (Omega 3 fatty acids), Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Magnesium.  Careful though, don’t just run to Walmart or CostCo and purchase these.  You will not being doing yourself any favors.  There is a compromise on quality.  But there’s not enough space in this post for all that.  Come see me for a nutrition consult or attend a CFW nutrition class to get on the right track with your diet.

Quality first. Don't put cheap supplements in your body. Poliquin is known as the industry standard in content and quality.

This one is about the next step in nutrition and performance…  recovery.  Once you’ve began training at 80-90% intensity or better (typically after 2-3 months at CFW) you should begin adding performance supplements.  The first line supplements for recovery are branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).  BCAAs are essential amino acids.  Essential meaning your body cannot make them and you  have to bring them in from food (meat proteins) or supplementation.  I recommend both eating enough meat each day (.75 – 1 gram per lbs of body weight) and supplementation (.25 gram per lbs of BW 3 times per day: at wake, during and/or post workout, and at night).

Happily I see more and more members using them.  The downside is I am also seeing some misuse, or less than optimum use, of BCAAs.  The misuse isn’t typically how much is being used.  Heck, most  of you are underdosing simply because it can get expensive at the dosaging recommended above.

The problem is the different products out there have other ingredients not being c

Know your product's best use. This one contains caffeine and should only be taken pre-workout... or maybe at wake.

onsidered.  I like a pure BCAA supplement that contains nothing else.  I try to do all my supplements as single ingredient.  More complicated?  Maybe, but I care about what I put inside me and I like to govern the exact amounts.  Poliquin’s BCAAs are always atop my list.  They seem expensive, but if you do the math on most of the popular mixable types (Extend, Modern BCAAs, and Amimo Energy), they’re competitive.

If you do choose a mixable, consider the other ingredients.  Some have other amino acids, like L-Carnitine, that can stimulate the brain and nervous system.  They should be taken pre workout, not post… especially in the evening.  One new one, Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy also has caffeine and ginko.  Both stimulate the nervous system.  But additionally, caffeine increases cortisol and that something you want to avoid post workout.

Some BCAAs also contain the amino taurine.  Tauring is calming to the nervous system and brain.  Therefore, these products are better post workout.

BCAA drink mixes are convenient and an easy way to consume your aminos during a workout. However, most contain artificial sweeteners and colors that promote inflammation

So how do you know?  Look at the label.  Still not sure?  Bring it by and I’ll take a look at it.  Or better, schedule a consultation and I’ll help you get set on a diet / supplement plan that supports your goals.



Thomas hitting a 530lb Deadlift on Saturday!


1 1/4 Over Head Squats 5 sets x 6 reps
Bent Over Row 5 sets x 6 reps
Alternating DB Bicep Curls 5 sets x 6 reps

3 Rounds for time of…
400m Sprint (F’ing Sprint!!!)
40 Double Unders
rest 1 minute

In Subplementum…
100 meter Pressing Lunge Walk (25lbs/15lbs)
*Take a lunge step, pause at the bottom and press the plate over head.  Return it to the front and stand bringing the feet side by side.  Press the plate over head and lower it again.  Take your next step and repeat.

Olympic Weightlifting
2 Position Snatch x 3 @ 70% (floor and below the knee)
Snatch Pulls 3 x 3 @ 90%
Back Squat- work up to a heavy single, then  3 x 5 @ 75%


19 thoughts on “Supplementation: BCAAs Done Right

  1. Joe W says:

    Thomas is the big cat daddy. Great job dude I’m glad I was there for it. Dude made this weight look to easy.

  2. Albert Steed says:

    Way to go Thomas! That is an insane amount of weight!


    @Tony – Under Usage of BCAA Question.. This one is tough for me from a cost standpoint. For me it is 50 grams a day which is roughly 50 caps of Poloquin’s BCAAs 3 times a day. In one, that is a crap ton of pills to eat and 2 crazy expensive. I think the bottle is around 50 dollars and 150 a day drains that bottle every three workouts.

    So if we are going under on the recommended are we getting any benefit or not? I take probably 10 pre and 10 post which isn’t anything compared to the recommended. I have wondered this question and just assumed something was better than nada. Can you clarify for me?

  3. Andrew says:

    Zeke should really learn how to run proper PCT if he’s going play mad scientist with his test levels. Seems to be getting him into trouble.

  4. Daniel says:

    LIGHT WEIGHT Thomas!!!

    Re: BCAA

    Poloquin is 500caps at 555mg of BCAA/pill…x500caps is 277,500mg of BCAA for $52…..Scivation Xtend is 7000 gm BCAA per scoop, 90 scoops per tub…giving 630,000mg BCAA for around the same price. Poloquincontains 70 mg lysine/pill. Xtend contains 2500mg Glutamine plus 1000mg Citrulline per scoop. I understand the additional coloration/artificial flavors consideration but I’m not seeing how they are competitive in price per gm BCAA?

  5. sara clark says:

    Good job 530 crew. Cold sprints but way to push it through. Albert- keep at those double unders. Its just mind over…. Rope? Youll get it.

  6. Albert Steed says:

    @Sara – I only hate them because I suck at them. I know it. I am going to have to just practice them more. I have been looking around my house trying to find a good place to do them. Need to find a piece of carpet to practice on. 🙂

    In other news, my shoulders are toasted, again. 🙂

    @Whitney – That is awesome news! I will def go to one or both of them!!

  7. t. says:

    Some are better than none for sure. However, less than 25grams per day and you’re wasting your money. So you’re borderline.

    Either way, take them as you are, pre and post workout. Consider doubling your current dosage when possible.

  8. Amanda W says:

    So I just checked out our team status for the open…and the list is notably short. There are so many of you – new, veterans, and intermediate alike – that have not registered. Reasons to sign up for the open:
    1. All of these workouts are conducted in our gym! Home field advantage!
    2. Charted progress – How do your results compare to people your age IN THE WORLD?
    3. Put your training to use. You’re in the gym anyway. Why not test what you’ve been working so hard toward the past few months?

    Don’t be intimidated by the word “compete.” Get your feet wet. You, undoubtedly, will surprise yourself.

  9. thomas says:

    Thanks for all the support guys! I remember hearing the weight hit the floor and look up to realize the whole gym was cheering for me! Thats what its all about at CFW! I want to thank joe for running up to me to congratulate me/catch me from falling back…it was awesome energy in there with alot of great lifts! NOW LETS ALL STAY FIRED UP AND TRAIN WITH PURPOSE AND INTENSITY! Hodge obviously was fired up today! Great lift girl!

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