This past weekend, CrossFit Winston Downtown hosted the Triad Barbell Open. With 5 of 5 women on the podium (Yes! All our ladies took home medals), CFW and Wilmington Weightlifting dominated the ladies events.  Congratulations ladies.  Your hard work and attention to the details of technique paid off…

Our ladies put on a clinic folks!!


Front Squat 5-5-5-5
*3 second count down/ Explode out of the bottom


Burpee/ Jump over PVC
10 meter Sprint
Kb Snatch (24/16)
10 meter Sprint

7 thoughts on “Congrats Wilmington Weightlifting Club ladies!

  1. whitney says:

    I’ll start by reiterating that I would never post anything for my own financial gain, anything I post is either community service or costing me money, That said, I want to tell you about a local group called ‘Birthday Smiles’. They put on birthday parties for kids who’s family can’t afford to give them a party. There’s a meet and greet on Wednesday at 5:30 at Henry’s. There you can meet the organizers and learn more about how you can help. You don’t have to give money, per say. You could donate the left over cups, plates, etc. from your own child’s party. If you can’t make it to Henry’s and you want to help you can approach me in the box or leave a message on here. I love the people who started this and this idea. I went to a kids party this weekend and it was so fun, the fact that some kids don’t get to have a party sucks! It’s not the kid’s fault the parents can’t afford it. And the donations go directly to the kids and the party not to the parents.

  2. Sensei says:

    Just wanted to say that Larry and I had the pleasure of working Annie, Josh, and Allie through intro 2 last week.

    Annie (and the other two of course) are awesome additions to our athlete family! Great attitudes, Great work ethic, and the fire in their hearts to do MORE!

    Looking forward to working with them in the future!


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