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When did cheating become a reward?
    Nope, I’m calling BS on the cheat meal.  If you’re looking for a fitness pro to tell you it’s ok to schedule a cheat meal or day, I’m not it.  I can’t comprehend how rewarding  yourself with something bad for you is considered ok by so many fitness minded people. 
     The “cheat” meal becomes the focal point of the diet.  It’s easy to obsess over it.  It negates the true reason for eating clean in the first place, achieving and maintaining excellent health.
     The whole mindset is backwards and destructive. 
     The reward of eating healthy comes from the satisfaction of enjoying good health and, if you’re an athlete, increased performance.  
So get serious.
     I hear all the time “I need to eat better” or “it’s time for me to step it up”.  So why haven’t you?
      You still eat sandwiches, pasta, Snickers, Ice Cream, and drink beer regularly. 
Yeah, I get it, it tastes good.  So why waste your time, energy, and money on gym memberships (yes, even ours) if you’re not going to eat the least bit healthy?   What are your excuses?
    What’s wrong with you?  What are you telling yourself?  Are you lazy, delusional, or lack the self discipline not to shove junkfood into your head? 
     That’s probably part of it (let’s be honest with ourselves, eh?).  I mean, junkfood doesn’t place itself in your face.  But another part of it may be you just don’t know what healthy is.
    Do you eat whole grains, low glycemic carbs, low fat, no red meat, only egg whites, “skinny” milk, and of course, light beer? 
These foods are NOT healthy.  They don’t reduce heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or the other 20 most popular diseases that kill us. Ever hear of Hyperinsulinemia? It is the number one cause of disease and obesity in the world.
Educate yourself.  Read “Get Real” for starters.  Or, it’s really fairly simple, eat high quality protien sources, nuts and oils for fat, dark green vegetables and fruit that ends in the word berry for carbohydrates.  Don’t eat starches or sugars.  Add high quality fish oil, Nordic Naturals or Carlson’s (not CostCo or Walmart!! That stuff is way worse than not taking any at.) and you’ll be pretty close.
Your best bet, come to our next nutrition class on Wednesday, September 8th at 6:30pm.  I give nutrition guidelines from over 15 years of practical experience in applying diet to to my own performance and health requirements.  I’ll get you on the right track.
Clean (BW)  2-2-2-2-2
4 rounds for time…
15 “Granny Shot” Wall Ball- 10ft target (20lbs/14lbs)
15 Wall Ball Shot (20lbs/14lbs)

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  1. No GOOD says:

    GOOD MORNING CFW!!!! I love it when T gets all fired up!!!! It is going to b e a great week!!! ANother JULIE , ok we’ve got Ju Ju , Julie G and what do we cann the new Julie? ANyway I cant wait to get home and get back to our BOX!!!! Great post T.

  2. Abs says:

    ok first off T…the site keeps getting better and better…noticed the instructores now for most part have pics…that aren’t intimidating….even tho we all are totally frightening people…haha…i wish! But the pic of Don O…well that just says it ALL!!!! See ya all tonight! and No Good…anyone YOUR age shouldn’t have to prepare for Granny Shots…

  3. No GOOD says:

    Abs, haha NOT…..I still dont know what a granny shot is… age what?……dont get yourself put on the S*** list with IP hahaha

  4. Joe W says:

    Amanda and I came up with CrossFit Tennis yesterday, its actually pretty fun. Every set you lose you opponet gets to choose an exercise that you have to do x10. Loser of the entire match has to run home. It was a good workout and you could work strategy into what exercise you pick. Oh and in case anyone was wondering I Won, it was an incredable comeback story down 3-0 to win 7-5.

  5. sara! says:

    t. – thanks for the motivation; I know what I need to do, and I’m going to do it. A new set of goals for the fall! And a Ninja Blender next paycheck.

  6. Amanda W says:

    t – Thanks for the slap in the wrist! And Mr. Welliver, just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can pick on pregnant women. How cruel.

  7. t. says:

    Some couples fight at dinner, in the grocery store, or after a few drinks at a bar. Others quietly in the confines of their own home. Joe and Amanda, on our comments. Thank you guys for sharing! Oh yeah… Joe, if one minute she’s killing “Isabel” with 95lbs and next going to the “prego” defense, you’re screwed Bro.

  8. Abs says:

    its Joe’s Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday you big bully! A Dubb i have your back…we can take him…i might be small but i’m mighty!

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