On Thursday we are going to give a basic Trigger Point / MyoFacial Release self massage classes at each scheduled class time.  If you’ve never experienced the benefits of the self massage techniques, you’ll be amazed.  All you need is a ball…  a small sized Kong Dog toy ball or Lacrosse ball are perfect.  A tennis ball will work for most of you, but you bigger fellas will crush one.  Try-Sports sells the Trigger Point Brand gear.  Their rollers and balls are great.  But if you can’t shell out for the kits, you can make many of the instruments yourself.  We’ll have some homecrafted rollers on hand for the classes.  All members are welcome and invited to attend. 

Reilly hits 300lbs Squat x 3*reps at Bodyweight of 120lbs.
*The first rep wasn’t to parallel.  This was his second set of 3 at 300lbs.CrossFit
Power Clean  2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2

3 rounds for time…
30 Thrusters (65lbs/45lbs)
Run 400m

     The Power Clean is pulled from the floor and received and arrested above the paralled squat… the “power” position.  It is a skill transfer exercise for the Clean.  It is most typically used, or thought used, for developing power and speed at the top of the second pull. We prefer pulls for power and use the Power Clean to teach the turnover (fast elbows) and how/where to receive the bar in the front rack position.  In CrossFit it’s used often because it’s is easier to teach than a full lift, but the PC, in and of itself, should be taught with improving the Clean as the goal.  Be aware the bar path is different in the Power movements than the full lifts.  A slight jump forward (like in vid below), or a more aggressive rearward pull at the top may be exerienced at heavier weights.

         Power Clean Vid Demo:

19 thoughts on “Power Clean Development and Fast Elbows

  1. Scott s says:

    Thanks fir the kind words about Pat’s father. He wads high school boxer in the 30s, won a Distinguished Flying Cross in WWII and was a Christian role model to many of us. There is a lot to be said for a well lived life, right?

  2. Sensei says:

    there is a lot to be said for a life lived with purpose, Scott. Celebrate his gifts to you and yours and let the memories of him help you and your life.

    Reilly! Holy crap son! Awesome!

  3. Abs says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Mrs. Pat and Scott…I can only imagine what an amazing person he was…as Mres. Pat is incredible. Love to you both.

    Riley…REALLY bro that is good stuff…everything you work on you KILL…so how about that rope, man???? I’m here to help you get up there!

  4. Abs says:

    Hey just a heads up…a group of us are headed to Port City CF on Wednesday at 6pm to workout…its a nice way to welcome them to the community and get to another box…they are just beginning and it is important for CFW to be involved and show support…Let me know if you wanna come and I will let the owners know what to expect…haha WE will take it OVER…whats new right! Nah it should be fun and good thing to do! Thanks guys!

  5. t. says:

    Right On Abby… anyone that wants to ride with me, I’ll leave CFW nlt 5:15pm tomorrow afternoon.

    Tracy and Keith are both studs and want the best for CrossFit in Wilmington. Join us in showing them a big welcome tomorrow evening.

  6. Sensei says:


    How gullable would you have to be to read that and say “ooo, the loan I’ve always wanted is right here!” ha ha ha!

  7. kent says:

    hey guys i wanted to tell you that i have a close friend i went to high school with named Jon Reep. hes a stand up comic and will be performing Oct 24th in wilmington. i know its short notice but its worth it. Jon is the guy who was in all the dodge “hemi” commercials. He was also the redneck in Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo. http://www.jonreep.com is where you can find out all the info

  8. kent says:

    Crabby Abby,
    I have been wondering when you were gonna rear your ugly pissy attitude. You’re getting weak girl i woulda thought you’d open your man pleaser a long time ago. Now its time for your to cram it full and shut up and get back in the corner where you belong.

  9. Abs says:

    Weren’t you the one getting IT crammed in your MAN PLEASER last year…nope that was the lipper you choose to swallow rather than spit…just to prove you have manners.
    And no worries Kent while I’m in my corner I can see everything a bit more clear…like the lust you have for Zach, the crush you have on Tony and the fantasies you have of being Tanner so you could be Caleb’s Twin. We are open minded here in Wilmington Kent. You can stop with this bully/badass front now. It truely is NO big deal.

  10. kent says:

    WOW! Thats awesome. whats a lipper? By the way i dont really lust for zach hes just so dang cute and its more of an appreciation thing for what t has done. i guess its not so clear from your corner because its very obvious i want to be caleb so i can be tanners twin. wait? nope im right its caleb. btw zach im just kiddin but you probably know that and can take a joke. its all fun and games until someone breaks a nail.

  11. Abs says:

    did you break a nail? Something happened cause you just got all….whats the word? SERIOUS!!! ahh crap. where did Kent go? Kent did you get all sensitive on me? Crabby Abby can be just as much of a smartass as the boys.

  12. kent says:

    Dammit Crabby,
    I thunked you got serious!! i would ask for a kiss to make up but i probably know already whats been in your mouth..Crabby Abby you got it going on hahahaha!! btw whats a lipper?

  13. Abs says:

    come on Kent…its a dip! like the dip you put in your lip…not like the dips*#t you are for thinking I was serious…even tho you may have a bit of a man crush on Zach…oh and I want socks like Zach has..Hickory ones…that way we can make up…

  14. Sensei says:

    I must say that I would like to take notes from Kent on how to give “Crabby Abby” the business. He is good!

    Too bad he’s used all his practice for trash talking and wearing bikinis, and not Actual CrossFit.

    Abby, poor Abby, getting told to sit in the corner…..

  15. Abs says:

    Sensei my comeback was SO GOOD that he thought i was serious and pitched a Hickory FIT!! can I get some credit!

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