Upcoming Events

Wednesday July 20 – Beach Workout at Wrightsville Beach lifeguard tower 11.
Saturday, July 23 – Wilmington Affiliates Gathering and Team Workout at CF Carolina Beach  8 am: sign ups are on the whiteboard.

CrossFit Level 1 Certification – September 24-25
Click here for more info and registration.




Skipping the beach workouts on Wednesdays? You are missing out on a great time!


Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1-1
*Work up to a heavy single, then use that weight for the next five sets.  This is not a one rep max attempt.

AMRAP 7 minutes of. . .
10 pushups
sprint 25 m
10 kb swings (24/16)
sprint 25 m

Olympic Weightlifting

Class at 8 a.m and 6 p.m.

8 thoughts on “More Heavy Singles

  1. Shawn K says:

    FYI… 6am Beach WoD to be followed by 7am breakfast at Sweet and Savory this week. Note that in this instance, Sweet = meat and Savory = some other meat.

  2. No GOOD says:

    Great VIDEO….damn IM HOME SICK NOW!!!!!! I am looking forward to getting home hopefully for the last couple Beach WOds of the season!!!!!

  3. Tanner says:

    Hey guys, if you are interested in the affiliate gathering/ team work out at Carolina Beach this weekend please sign up on the board or let us know by Friday. Brock needs a head count so he can plan accordingly. Thanks in advance!

  4. TJ says:

    Tanner- is the beach workout really at 8am? If we can’t make that will the gym be open for normal sat hours?

  5. Tanner says:

    Beach wod is at 8, yeah I know it’s early to be in CB. Gym will be open regular hours 10-1 for those of you that cannot make it.

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