POSE Running Clinic with Ed Bugarin – POSE Level III Running Coach
Sunday January 29th 12 pm
CrossFit Wilmington prides itself on hosting seminars from top coaches in various sports.  This time, we have one of the top running coaches in the world coming to CrossFit Wilmington.
We are very excited to announce our hosting of a POSE running clinic with Ed Bugarin.

Ed, a Level III POSE Running coach and the first Level II POSE Triathlon coach, received his POSE technique coaching training directly from Dr. Romanov, the founder and inventor of the POSE techniques.  He is formerly of the Special Operations community and has completed numerous of the world’s most demanding races, including The Eco-Challenge Borneo.  Read more about Ed here.

Ed at mile 22 of the 1993 Honolulu Marathon - Completion: 3.04:26

If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong how can you correct your mistakes?  PoseAthlete.com provides video analysis to improve technique. Video analysis can be used effectively for any activity and in many cases provides instant feedback for quick self correction.  It provides the quickest way to improve proper technique.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or a swimmer, video analysis can help you reach your potential through learning proper technique.

– Video of your current technique.
– Classroom training on the theory of Pose Method of movement.
– Analysis of your current technique to identify errors.
– Intervention Training.
– Post Intervention Video and Analysis.

The Clinic is expected to last 4 hours and the available spots are limited.
Cost is $100.00. This includes a CD with your pre and post videos.
Sign up and deposit of $50 are required.  Submit payment to an instructor.  Make checks to  CrossFit Wilmington.

“Your physical abilities are limited, but your skills have no limits.” –  PoseAthlete.com


Massage by Mike
Mike L. from Massage Envy will be here this Thursday. Mike will work a full body massage or just focus on relief in tension areas. Sign-up for available times on the white board in the lobby. Cost $40 for a 45 minute session

We will not have a Kids Class on Saturday or Yoga on Sunday this weekend

Shawn K. hitting 245lbs (1.5 x his Body Weight) for 2 Repetitions

5 Rounds for time…
5 Thrusters (135lbs/95lbs)
Rest 1 minute
5 Thrusters (95lbs/65lbs)
Rest 1 minute

In Subplementum…
Row 1000m at 80%

16 thoughts on “Thrusters and POSE Running Clinic

  1. Emily H. says:

    oooo i might do this workout tomorrow ! I miss you CFW staff/members!..And I am looking forward to seeing all your beastliness during the sectional workouts… i brag about you guys at my gym everyday 🙂

  2. Whitney says:

    For my rest day Thursday I was going to wear these high heeled boots that I love. I’m thinking I won’t be able to walk comfortably in them! My ass is totally sore, the sled push smoked my entire thigh system and now thrusters. Its looking like flats through the weekend. Is it time to buy Uggs?

  3. t. says:

    Shawn was once more popularly referred to as the Miracle Midget. He’s a machine… and with a slightly broken wing too. But as a disclaimer I have to point out his knees should be out over his toes a bit. Or maybe get that right foot pointed more inward. Ha. Shawn and I have been fighting with that right foot (i.e. tight piriformis / hip rotator) for four years.

    POSE Running Clinic… I am very excited about having Ed come to CFW. He and I are working on a project together at MARSOC and he agreed to take one our only days off to come to the gym. Not only is this gentleman a machine, he is a world renowned POSE running, cycling and swimming coach. If you’re one the CFW members who hates running and sees the word stroll when I post the sprint, POSE can help. If your a runner and/or Triathlete, but you’re slow, POSE will help!
    POSE running is the reason I was able to run after breaking my back in 2004. Also, Ed is offering this seminar at a very reduced cost per attendee. Take advantage of this opportunity most CrossFits will never get.

    No matter what Ron tells you… it is not, and n’er will be, time to buy Uggs. This, as D. Rumsfeld would say, is a known, known.

    And for those wondering or thinking we’re not using spell-check, in subplementum is Latin for Supplemental. Ha.

  4. Tanner says:

    Nothing like some heavy thrusters at 5:30 in the morning! Great work by Merritt today crushing 135 like it’s nothing. Don’t be afraid to scale UP a bit today folks.

    The Pose clinic will be phenomenal, truly something that very few, if any, crossfit gyms are able to offer. Just another testament to CFW’s premiere training and diverse instructor base. I’ll see if I can round up some money; I know I need to be a better runner.

  5. Sandie says:

    Mad props to Sara C. Had to watch you finish girl.

    She pushes me without even knowing it.

    Love it when my ass hurts. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Until tomorrow early birds…


  6. Rachael Dowdy says:

    I wanted to shout out to Dr. King from yesterday’s little in-house ART/ Soft Tissue Modality work yesterday. I see a chirop. on a regular basis but was super excited to have someone give a second look at my hip/ITB. I’m super thankful for all CFW does to both help heal and keep their athletes healthy!

  7. Taylor Brown says:

    Seeing Shawn hit this OHS was incredible. That pic might be 245lb, but I’m pretty sure he worked up to 255 for a double. Beast mode.

  8. Amanda W says:

    I’ll echo Rachael here. My rear shoulder has been inflamed for a little over a week and I kept thinking (stubbornly) that it would just heal on its own. Dr. King worked on it for a few minutes and wow…what a difference it made! All healed up for Saturday’s festivities in Greensboro hopefully 😉

  9. Meagan says:

    Nice Work Shawn. That is amazing.

    I am excited about the Pose Clinic. I will be the first to admit I do not look forward to running WODS because I am not very good at running. I can’t wait to learn about ALL the things I need to improve on.

    And just in case a lot of you don’t know, our very own Amanda Welliver is going to BEAST Greensboro this weekend. I can’t wait for the show! Get it Hot Momma!

  10. Amanda W says:

    Ha Meagan let’s add you, Daniel and Cody to that list! And who could forget the formidable, relentless, Joe Welliver??? lol

  11. Shawn K says:

    @t – Don’t think I didn’t notice the day my pic is on the site, is the same day you announce the running clinic… I’m on to your little tricks.

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