We had a great turnout for March Madness on Saturday.  Wilmington’s CrossFit Affiliates’ members, trainers, and owners got together at CrossFit Wilmington for a morning of fun and friendly, “last man stading” style competition.

At the last round there were three…  Brock Wilson, owner of CrossFit Carolina Beach, Caleb Martin, Lead Intructor at CrossFit Wilmington, and Joe Weliver, CFW Member.  In the end, Caleb ran away in the final MetCon and took first place.  Joe secured second and Brock close behind with third place.

A big thank you to all who attended.  Whether competing, judging, or just hanging out your participation is greatly appreciated!  It was an awesome display of comradery, strength, and fitness.

We are going start doing these types of Affiliate Gatherings monthly.  Each will be held at a different affiliate.  So stay tuned for info and location of the next event!

Strength Conditioning
Coming Soon: CFW Lead Instructors, Josh and Thomas, will be offering a dedicated strength development / powerlifting program.  For more information click here.


Clean Grip High Pull 5-5-5-5

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:
2 Dead Hang Pullups
4 Box Jump Burpees (24/20)
6 Kb Swings (24/16)
8 Double Unders

7 thoughts on “Saturday’s “March Madness” Event… Wilmington’s CrossFitters go head to head in competiton.

  1. No GOOD says:

    Yesterday was awesome!!!!! AND Joe brother, impressive!!!!! Good Job cause I believed you when you said you sucked at box jumps…. CFW way to represent! Brock AWESOME!!!! Going against Caleb and Joe was not easy but you killed it!!!!!

  2. t. says:

    Saturday was a blast….

    It’s great to see the members from the local affiliates get together and have fun.

    Great job to all the organizers. Josh and my crew do great things! Their events run so smoothly and professional it’s easy to forget the hard work they put into them. Thanks guys.

    A big pat on the back to Caleb… Way to put out and show claim 1st at your Box!

    The next one will be in April… stand by for details.

  3. Joe W says:

    Just wanted to say how much fun Saturday was. I have never been pushed that hard in my life and it was cool to test myself in a whole new way. Thanks to Josh/Caleb for putting it on and thanks to everyone that was there to root us on in the final.

    No Good thanks for the PUSH.

    Caleb great job dude and you should thank your lucky stars that handstand pushups or muscle ups weren’t in that last wod cause I think I would have taken you.

  4. tony says:

    Joe… I gotta admit, I was not happy to have to go h2h with your big ass on the G2O. 15 and 16 G20 with 185lbs in two minutes (after 3 other wods!) is a kick in the butt for sure. It took it toll on me to beat you by that one little rep… old wounds took me out. Worse, I thought we had tied are were going to have to do it again!!!

  5. Brock Wilson says:

    Ron, Thanks for your kind words. I had a lot of luck on my side to get as far as I did. Change any aspect of the draw, or possibly the WOD’s, and things look very different.

    A great event for sure. We are repeating some of the WODS in CB for our members who couldnt attend.

  6. tony says:

    Brock has a great point… a different draw on a different workout and the final 3 competitors would be a different lot each time. It’s different than any other CrossFit event I’ve seen. I liked it.

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