Let me reiterate that you must, no… you ABSOLUTELY must get your diet in order and be taking fish oil, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D3 at appropriate levels before worrying with the below supplements.

Pre-workout sups should support your up-coming work efforts.  They should give you the drive to complete a workout with intensity by supporting your brain and CNS function.  They should also promote fat burning, optimize your anabolic environment, and decrease the rise in Cortisol (our stress hormone that can cause muscle wasting and increase fat) exercise produces.

Take BCAAs.  For more info, refer to yesterday’s post.

Use caffeine.  Simply put, it gets you amped up.  But caffeine also has proven, ergogenic effects.  The bottom line…  you’ll get a better workout.

Add L-Carnitine.  Carnitine boosts fat metabolism, increases testosterone, and regulates dopamine to enhance drive.  Best taken with O3 (fish oil).  But you’re already taking plenty of that, right?

ALA.  It’s an antioxidant that fixes damage in the brain and helps keeps it up and running at capacity.

*I take Poliquin’s Yang ALA.  It’s a combo of both ALA and Carnitine.  Everyone I know who is taking this stuff, loves it.  I also take it at wake.  The mental acuity it gives is almost addictive.  If you told me I’d have to give up all supplements but one, I’d have a hard time choosing b/tw Yang ALA and fish oil.

Beta-Alanine fires up the CNS by increasing Carnosine levels.  Increased Carnosine directly supports the protein synthesis needed to repair and build muscle.

Take Arginine to increase Growth Hormone (GH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1+).

Taking one of these will improve your workouts intensity and results.  Taking them all will blow your mind.

So how much are you supposed to take?  I mean, that’s a lot of stuff and most of it you’ve never heard of, right?  And there is always side effects that need to be considered.  Example:  Ingest too much Beta-alanine and you will be in for a ride!

Schedule a consult with me for nutrition and supplement guidance and we’ll set up a plan for you, your goals, and your budget.


Mike Sorg overhead squats in yesterday’s workout

Deadlift  20 reps x 1, 15 reps x 2, 10 reps x 4
*90 seconds rest between sets

For time…
50 reps of [2 power clean + 1 thruster] (95lbs/65lbs)

In subplementum…
At max effort
Row 500m
Rest 1 minute
Row 400m
Rest 1 minute
Row 300m
Rest 1 minute
Row 200m
Rest 1 minute
Row 100m

Olympic Weightlifting
Snatch:  (70% x 3, 80% x 2, 85% x 1)x2
Snatch shrug high pulls 3×3 @85% of snatch
1/2 of CF Met-Con

11 thoughts on “Supplements Part 2: Pre-Workout

  1. Meagan says:

    So good to see Sorg at the gym. Can’t wait to see Sorg and Maria beast the Open!

    Hodge~great job yesterday girl. I told you…hang out with those Oly boys and you will learn a TON!!!!

    Happy Valentines Day CFW!!!!

  2. Sensei says:

    Hey morning crew,

    Great job this morning. I was glad to see those of you that needed assistance on your Dead Lift form really took the time and work on that today.

    It’s not “crossfit” that injures, it’s a long list of other variables that raise the risk of injury. Take your time to really study and practice excellent form on these lifts. done correctly, with diligence and NO EGO, the lift will Enhance your health and structure, not injure it. I’ve never injured my back or hamstring due to dead lift, because as soon as I start to round my back, or raise the butt separately from the shoulders, I take a second to really correct that form and make it right.

    Ask an instructor for added assistance. or even just to watch your lift, even if you’re feeling strong. You ALWAYS have room for improvement. Remain COACHABLE and accept warm criticism. YOU will be better for it!

  3. t. says:

    Not to counter Sensei, he is all over it. Form and technique are paramount. As instructors we can only provide information, demonstration, and suggestion for your technique. At some point you have to suck it up and learn to do things correctly. There are no shortcuts to fitness and health.

    Have the self dicipline it takes to force yourself to learn.

    But on the ego thing… I WANT you to lift with EGO!!!

    I want you to have big, badass, healthy ego. Confidence is great. It fuels the ego.

    The word is misused too often. A strong ego is is built with pride. Not the “tough guy, stupid” type that gets you hurt, but the pride one takes in improving yourself. The healthy self confidence one gets in pride in accomplishment and achievement.

    Some gyms say “Leave You Ego at the Door”. That is absurd. Only weak minded people would ever suggest you parting with your ego. Bring yours in and let’s make it stronger. Let’s make you stronger and more mentally fit. I want you to leave CFW with a new level of self worth because each day you train, you ARE making yourself better.

    I’m not suggesting you become cocky. Cocky is confidence spoiled by arrogance. That is the wrong answer.

    Read this: http://crossfitwilmington.com/2011/06/saturday-18-jun-2011/

  4. Sara Clark says:

    On the injury note– if you get hurt, admit it an take the requisite time off. I got out of bed this morning apparently to not work out because even light the deadlifts hurt after doing something to my back on saturday (stripper form deadlift, despite the best of intentions). Dont be an idiot and keep re-injuring yourself. Remain coachable, work on your weaknesses, but also admit you have them and let yourself heal. And, the most coachable and hardest working, focused among us will still get hurt. Fact of life. All the attention in the world cant 100% compensate for human error. Doesn’t mean you should quit or play the blame game. Just get better, and don’t make the same mistake over and over again. 🙂

  5. Felice says:

    Great post T., I remember when I read that for the first time back in June. I think it is very interesting how you defined “ego” and how we commonly misuse the word and think of it as a bad thing. I completely agree with everything that you said in your comment today and in the post you made last year. It seems like people cannot take failure or criticism these days without getting their feelings hurt. They blame everyone else instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Failing isn’t a bad thing, as long as you tried your hardest. You can learn from your failures and make yourself better for the next time. I think that CrossFit definitely helps boosts people’s egos in the right way. I’m sure many of you walk out of CFW feeling tired and sore, but at the same time you know you are stronger, fitter, healthier and better than you were yesterday. That is why we train at CFW, to better ourselves both physically and mentally. Keep up the good work everyone!

  6. Jeremy Bishop says:

    Good coaching this morning, and yes human error happens. It did to me this morning with the deadlifts and I aggravated an old back injury. I dropped weight and tried again, but it still hurt even with good form, so I stopped my WOD for the day. I think that is a key thing to learn is when to STOP so you don’t hurt yourself. There is a difference between pushing yourself and destroying yourself. Its also the difference between coming in again tomorrow or having to take several weeks off to heal from stupidity.

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