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  1. Albert Steed says:

    Way to go!! Way to go!! I have burned the battery up on my phone this weekend checking for updates! haha! Really excited for you all! We getting a group rate to go cheer at the games. 😛

  2. Meagan says:

    CFW athletes are so BA…..I am proud of everyone who competed this weekend. Whether former CFW athletes or current ones….I was checking you all out and cheering for you.
    John Z., you are an amazing athlete and I know you will be competing in games 2013. Thank you for being a great friend and mentor.
    Felice, your amazing attitude and perseverance amazes me, you are one badass Chica that I hope to be like one day. Great job this weekend.
    Team: each one of you pushes to the limit….you each give me something to strive for. You guys went in there to have fun, and it looks like you did. Tanner and Dawn….snatch beasts. I wanna lift like you guys. Amanda, my hero….hot momma and stellar athlete. I can only hope to be half the athlete you are. I love to brag about you. Cody, you have been putting in double time at the gym. Nice work dude! Melissa, I wish I had the strength and the endurance you have day in and day out. Great job this weekend….oh, and let me get some of those butterfly pull ups you were repping out. And last but not least….our fearless leader tony…thank you for always taking the time to help coach your athletes and help fix our technique/form to better our performance.
    Zack, I know you were beasting it dude! We miss you. And way to pr your snatch dude…you tryin to pr your clean now?
    Ben…you looked strong. Great work this weekend. Daniel and I will be hitting up your box soon for a visit.

  3. Sensei says:

    I know I’ve been out of the encouragement loop this weekend. I’ve been insanly crazy busy.



  4. Scott S says:

    Congrats to all who competed this weekend. Felice – that 2nd place in Event 01 set the tone for the weekend. JZ- you never gave up. The last chapters in your Crossfit saga have not been written yet!

    Team, you just about gave us all heart attacks! But what a finish!! You proved it is really all about determination, perseverance and commitment to success. When you could have folded you cowboy’ed up and for that you have my lasting respect.

    Dawn, you should be going to the USAW national championships in 2013. You are that good. And Tanner, way to show up! t. – you did it again Champ.

    We are all walking a little taller today.

  5. Dawn says:

    Thank you all so much for your support, motivation, and kind words throughout the weekend. Crossfit competition never ceases to amaze me. The crowd is electrifying, the camaraderie with teams, individuals, and fans is addictive, and performance is always outstanding and impressive to watch. I am so proud of each one of my teammates, Felice and JZ. They put on a stellar performance at the Mid-Atlantic Regional’s. It was nice to show the CrossFit community what we are all about at CrossFit Wilmington.
    Thank you all for the text messages, comments, and facebook message. The amount of message I received left me feeling very loved and appreciated for the family I have at CrossFIt Wilmington.
    So here goes our next step…. Crossfit Games in California!!!!

  6. Amanda W says:

    Yes thank you to all of you!!! There were so many inspiring moments this weekend….but seeing Dawn and Tanner rev their engines in crunch time was almost superhuman. In almost every workout, we seemed to be pulling from behind. But consistency and form (things CFW prides itself upon) prevailed when the buzzer hit.

    I will say that while I knew we had a good reputation, I had no idea just how big of one we had until I saw our peeps among the masses. While most people first commented on t’s age when seeing him (ha), it was clear that they respected him, our gym and our athletes. Especially when he made them turn the music off…lol. Anyway, I couldn’t be prouder to wear CFW on my shirt and represent the fine women, men and kids who make it the gym the place we all love to go.

    Now to chip away at that dirty laundry list of things to clean up before Cali….

  7. Tanner says:

    Ditto to everything that Dawn and Amanda said. The support from all of our members is outstanding and truly humbling. This weekend we were able to show what CFW is all about. We excelled at the things that we were supposed to excel at, and crushed the things that we were unsure of. The energy and intensity of all of our teammates was amazing to watch. Coming from behind all weekend, we were able to put it together on the final day when it counted. Now 2 months of work then on to Cali!

  8. Gloria says:

    Truly impressive show, CFW! I wanna be on your team next year!!!

    Is 1 1/4 squat just a deeper squat than normal?

  9. Cody says:

    I could not be more proud of my teammates for stepping up and doing what was needed to advance to Cali. Although the weekend did not start out as we planned, it sure ended the way we hoped. We dug ourselves a hole in the 1st wod and immediately made a name for ourselves by setting a world record (at the time) in the 2nd wod. As we continuted to fight our way towards the top of the leader board on Saturday, our preperation and determination again shined in wod 4. Going into the last day, we sat in 4th place, one spot away from our goal of making the games. It was then in wod 5 (snatch ladder), that Crossfit Wilmington showed their Olympic lifting dominance over the field. Dawn running the entire ladder to 185lb was truly unbelievable. We were also the only team to have all 3 males advance to the 245lb bar. After hitting on my second attempt at 255, I could not pass the 265. However, Tanner picked up the 20 extra lbs by hitting 275lb. This put us in a 3rd place position heading into the final wod. While the final wod was just as stressful to watch as it was to perform, our girls pumped out the final muscle ups to secure a 2nd place finish for the weekend. Again, I could not be more proud of my team, John Z, Felice, and all those who supported us there and back at home. So now we are past the regional stage and look to show everyone in California what Crossfit Wilmington is all about

  10. Anthony says:

    Awesome friggin job guys. We haven’t posted all weekend, but followed the event closely and were whooping and hollarin’ for you the whole time. Great to see that all the hard work y’all put in was rewarded with this result. I get inspiration from each of you every day, so thanks!

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