Raffle to Support CFW’s Team Trip to Regionals

Today will be the last day for you to purchase raffle ticket’s to help support the CFW team’s travels to Maryland for the GF Games Regionals. Travelling to CrossFit competitions can be expensive; from registrations fees, to hotels, meals and the cost of taking three days off  work, our competitors have to pay all out of pocket.  To help offset some of these costs, we will be raffling off items generously donated by friends of CFW.  The items are as follows:

  • 8 Session BioSignature Modulation ($400 value)
  • “The 5″ Foundational Nutrients Bundle ($125 value)
  • 1 free enrollment in CFW Kid’s Kamp ($125 value)
  • ALASTAR Level 1 Pistol Course ($150 value)
  • Prima Day Spa gift card courtesy of Jen Saucier ($100 value)
  • A 3 day 2 night Caribbean Cruise courtesy of Scott Stalls and Tournament Promotions ($500 value)
  • One month unlimited use of the Infrared Sauna ($100 value)


  • $10 per ticket
  • $50 for all tickets


Purchase your Unlimited FIR Sauna pass today Cost: $100 per Month

Crossfit Wilmington Intern, Meredith, in the front rack position on front squats during yesterday's Operator Ugly Test. Meredith will be getting her CF Level 1 Certification in July. Welcome to the Staff Meredith!


“Operator Ugly”
 Day 2

Max Reps “Strict” Dead Hang Pull-ups
rest 2-3 minutes

AMRAP in 10 minutes of Sandbag Get-ups (80/60)
rest no more than 10 minutes then…

3 mile Run (our 5k course)
*Your goal is to finish the run with-in 30 minutes

Click here for full explanation, standards and YOUR SCORE

14 thoughts on “Last Day To Purchase Raffle Tickets

  1. Amanda W says:

    A huge thanks to those of you who have already bought tickets! I know I speak on behalf of all of us in saying we appreciate everyone’s support. Your thoughtful encouragement is a reminder of why we are proud to represent cfw. We will make you proud! Thanks again!

  2. RW says:

    What happened to the Body Armor or 25# Weight Vest requirement on the 3 mile run? A 3 mile run in 30 minutes without the weight is too easy. Operator “mildly attractive”

  3. Whitney says:

    If any games contestants or supporters need me to pick up your meat from Hilltop on Sunday just let me know. I’ll be at the box today and Wednesday at lunch if you want to leave your check.

  4. Sensei says:

    Welcome to the fold Meredith! \

    RW please provide your own vest or grab a 25# weight and carry with you. You’ve got an entire 30 min to run it so I’m guessing you could make it happen. I’m sure you could make the run more than attractive to the day workers on the 5k route.

    Great class this morning everyone! Thanks for getting things together and helping me with my non caffeinated coaching ability! 🙂

  5. Tanner says:

    Welcome aboard Meredith!

    Quick announcement to all the folks who use the shower: Please remember to remove your things from the shower when you are finished. The room is quite full of towels, shower bags etc. People who use the shower are running out of places to put things. Thanks for the help!

  6. Sensei says:


    Now that Quinn is on a schedule and Rachel is home with her and EXTREMELY QUALIFIED AS A CHILD CARE SPECIALIST She is looking to offer her “daycare” services on a permanent or occasional basis in our home to parents seeking this service.

    Please contact She or I if you should have any questions. People that I can think of that might be interested are: Tracy, Amanda, or Christina.

    Let us know! Thanks!

  7. Albert Steed says:

    FYI – Brave Solider added a Team Challenge. 🙂 I signed up earlier so I am not sure how if I can get added to the team but, I would like to if we get enough people going. 🙂

    Brave Soldier Team Challenge

    The Brave Soldier team challenge rewards the team with the lowest sum of individual time for 6 people in a 10 person team.

    For example, Team BraveSoldier has 8 team members, and their times for both stages are as follows

    The 6 times in bold are added together for a total time of 04:43:16

    If the time is the lowest team time, then that team is awarded the Brave Soldier Team Challenge award, and immortalized on the Brave Soldier Trophy.

    Each person completes the challenge as an individual and will be eligible for the individual category awards. The team will start together in individual order as a team and will go through the obstacles in close proximity, but at no time can another team member physically assist another team member with an obstacle.

    Verbal encouragement is highly recommended.

    To sign up as a team each person in a team must register as an individual, and specify their team name during the registration process. Those people will be lined up to start together.

    If less than six people finish the team challenge, then that team is not eligible for the team award.

  8. Jeremy B. says:

    Hey.. what time does final weigh-ins and body fat tests start tomorrow. I guess I am asking, will someone be available at the 6AM session or should we plan for a little later in the day?

    Also… what’s the word on beach WODS ?

  9. Josh says:

    Jeremy, tanner will be running them all day. Beach wods are on hold, We are working through the proper channels and logistics

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