CrossFit Wilmington Mission Statement

Our mission it to be the best part of our clients’ day, every time that they are here. We aim inspire everyone who walks through our door to realize their highest potential.


We treat all of our clients fairly, we don’t play favorites. Consistency is of utmost importance. We don’t care if you’ve been here for 1 week or 8 years, you deserve the same treatment each time you walk in the gym.


We are a place to escape from the negativity that plagues our daily lives. Our staff and our coaches will support our clients’ goals through relentless work, positivity, and encouragement. We believe in highlighting the positives, showing you what have you done well, while simultaneously helping you to improve and grow.


We want exercise to be fun. Everyone has a choice whether to exercise or not. If people aren’t having fun, we are doing it wrong, and they probably won’t stick with it long. We don’t judge our athletes’ goals and we will always provide them with a plan and a place to reach those goals, no matter the size.


We will treat all of our clients with respect, and we expect the same in return. We will always put in the work for them in order to help them reach their fullest potential.


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