Tomorrow’s Weightlifting Class – 7am

Ring Dips Plus 20lbs... Thomas reps 'em out. Many of our newer members don't know Thomas is one our greatest successes. He's lost over 60lbs since joining CFW, gained his CrossFit cert while working on his Exercise Physiology degree at UNCW, and has become one our best athletes. He's strong at CrossFit, powerful on Olympic Lifting and is a great coach at all things CFW.He finished in the top 15 at the Carolina CrossFit Challenge a few weeks ago. Congratulations Thomas, we are all very proud of you.

40 (20 ea.) One Legged Squats – Break up into sets as needed
20 One Legged GHD SitUps (Perform with caution!!  Use a spotter if it is your first time!!!)
30 One Legged GHD Back Extensions
*Perform all above exercises slowly and controlled.

3 position Snatch (floor – knee – mid thigh) – Technique work.  Go VERY light…  no more than (75lbs/45lbs)
Do GHD work from CF Rx.
*Take it easy today… think “active rest.”   Tomorrow’s Class will be taxing.

8 thoughts on “Midline Stability & Core Work

  1. SoulSurfer says:

    2 Years ago I went into GNC off of College and Thomas was working there….Looking like a different person. I was there to get some protein and had told him I was doing Xfit. I remember him a few months later as I was coming out of the water after a surf session at Crystal Pier and at the same time of one of CFW beach workouts and saying hey that’s the guy from GNC. I now live in San Diego and still do daily WOD’s. Thomas I don’t know you but…right on man….you look totally different and should have something to be proud of…..Proof….Xfit is where it’s at for fitness and health……Awesome

  2. Sensei says:

    With the fire in his eyes, the rings in his hands, he holds still for more than 1/2 a second to let someone get a glimpse of his awesomeness.


  3. Drew says:

    I heard that thomas was so badass that he could sit in the corner of a circular room, and that he can also do wheelies on unicycles.

  4. Sweaty says:

    Thomas Rose once ate two chunks of coal and proceeded to shit a pair of 5 carat diamond cufflinks…. He also can crochet an entire wool sweater using his mind….

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