Beach Workouts and Schedule Changes
Yes… that’s plural!  With the wants and wishes of the morning crew, tomorrow (Wednesday) we’re doing a 6:15 AM and a 6:15PM beach workout at Wrightsville Beach.  Be at Tower 11 / Oceanic Pier ready to start at 6:15.

For the Beach Workouts we will adjust the classes and hours to:

  • CFW will not open until 8am tomorrow (Wednesday).
  • CFW will close at 5:30 tomorrow afternoon.


So how did the weekend go?  Great.

Jay Z. was competing head to head with monsters: Spencer Hendle, AJ Moore, Ben Smith, and Nate Schraeder…  all experienced CrossFit competitors and all much larger athletes.  In those two categories John Z. was the underdog.  But you couldn’t tell it.  In true John Z. fashion, he quietly and without drawing much attention to himself, he finished workouts along side and ahead the more “famous” athletes all weekend.  In doing so gained compliments from the coaches of the above athletes’ coaches.  Anytime your competition takes note of you, it’s a good thing.  2012…

The team also smashed through the workouts.  Because of logistics and how they mirrored the individual wods, the workouts were simple and didn’t really require much “team work”.  But the few that did, they crushed them.  They set the world’s best legit time for WOD 4 on Saturday.  It was a fun one to watch.  The team competition was as tight as the individuals.  In the end, we pulled a bit of a role reversal this year…  the strength and power CFW is known for was traded in for prowess in the MetCon state.

Going into the event, we knew which workouts we’d crush and which one we would struggle.  The performance proved what we knew.   But most of all I knew we had a crew of focused athletes that would represent CFW to the standards we’re known for.  These guys and girls did so with the up most class.  I’m proud of them.  CFW continues to be a force at CrossFit competitions.  I’d hate to be go into one of these things knowing no one even considers us a threat.  That would be unsat!  So…  now we support Spence and Nate and CF Raleigh in Cali.

I’d like to thank John Z. and the Team for laying it all there.

Also, Josh and my staff for supporting the team’s efforts.  And a special thanks to the crew that traveled to Fairfax to cheer our crew on.  Humbly.


For time…
21 Front Squat (135lbs/95lbs)
Run 200m
15 Front Squat
Run 400m
9 Front Squat
Run 800m
5 Front Squat
Run 1 mile

4 thoughts on “Beach Workouts, time adjustments, & the Mid Atlantic Regionals in Review

  1. No GOOD says:

    T great post. I have actually stayed up an hours and a half past my bed time because I could not go to bed untill I saw this post and the pictures, almost like the night before christmas! SO lets recap Last Week MURPH fund Raiser, this past weekend Regionals and next weekend Metro Dash…… I am really thinking about quitting my job cause I am truly missing all the good stuff!!!!!

    CFW team and JZ you guys are amazing!!!!!

    And yesterdays WOD
    Alison 6 complete round 7 box jumps 7 push ups 6 pull ups
    No GOOD 12 Rounds with 10 sec to spare

  2. Sensei says:

    T., Awesome post! Thank you. I am sure the sight and trip was an incredible one and I am, yet again, very proud to be a part of this team. I look forward to being a much larger part of it in July.

    No Good! Hurry back loser!

  3. Albert says:

    Great job everyone! I enjoyed getting to read up the updates on Facebook and seeing some of the preliminary pictures posted.

  4. Mike M says:

    Good stuff in the 6:00 class this morning! You folks inspire the crap outta me! See ya’ll at the beach WOD

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