WOD 1 –  Games Open WOD 12.5

WOD 2 – Max Reps Barbell Bench Press in 2 minutes (185lbs – Males / 80lbs – Females)

WOD 3 – For time…

  • 2 Rope Climbs (18′ – Males / 15′ – Females)
  • 30 Deadlifts (225′ – Males / 135lbs Females)
  • 30 Shoulder to Overhead (95lbs – Males / 65lbs – Females)
  • Cycle 1 mile (on stationary spin bike)
  • 30 Get Down / Get Ups
  • Run 1 mile

Stand by for details and movement standards.

5 thoughts on “March Madness WODs

  1. Sara Clark says:

    Hey guys! Its the last day to sign up for the MudRun for $50/person! Chrissy, Pedrina, Albert and I are signed up. I know there are some people who still need a team. Please please please consider doing this! You can run off your garden party hangover for a good cause!

    Also T– Awesome workouts! Im excited! Even if I only have half my lungs….

  2. Brock Wilson says:

    WODS look AWESOME! We are psyched. Just left a phone message to this effect, but if you need anything in the way of equipment please let me know and we are happy to bring it with us. 917 573 7824. Looking forward! brock

  3. t. says:

    Thanks Brock. We up on equipment Bro. We’re looking forward to having you guys. Not to call anyone out, but you’re the only other affiliate owner in Wilmington that has signed up to compete… way to represent.

  4. Abs says:

    Heys guys! looks fun! just a heads up the Bench Press weight on the email sent is different than the one on here….oh and that mile run…THANKS. please sense my sarcasm.

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