Pool Workout tomorrow AM at the YMCA – 6:45am
Workout begins at 6:45.  Meet at the pool.  Warm up on your own.  We spend 10 minutes learning a new skill from Navy Drown Proofing then do a 15-20 minute pool workout CrossFit Wilmington style.
* If you are not a member of the YMCA, there is a walk in fee.  


Tim B. and Gold’s Gym are hosting a Pet Food Drive to feed pups and pusses at local shelters.  To donate just drop off a bag of dog or cat food at the Gold’s on Racine and they will take it from there.


Badass.  Beast.  Animal.

These are all relative words.  Especially beast.  Before Crossfit, not many women would have appreciated being referred to as a beast or even an animal.

Oddly, even different CrossFits have different definitions of badass, beastly-ness, and animalish.  At CFW we’re known for not celebrating mediocrity.  We don’t celebrate your first pull up, first muscle up, or even your first workout as Rx’ed.  If we did, that is all we’d post day in and day out.   Those are all things we can all do if we so choose.  CFW provides all the tools needed.  The will and want is up to the individual.

Instead of mediocrity, we celebrate extraordinary and exceptional.   It’s not snobbery or that we don’t care.  It’s the exact opposite.  It’s a mindset that any of us can be great rather than just good.  In other words, we’re not ok with being “ok” and we won’t allow our members to be either.

Lose 15lbs of fat and you’ll get lots of compliments.  But people do that from walking on a treadmill.  Lose 70lbs in 6 months and we’ll post you all over our site.  Guys, Clean & Jerk 225lbs and you’ll get a high five.  Up it to over 300lbs and we’ll make sure your accomplishment is known to at least all who read our blog.

Surround yourself with the right people with the right mindset and you’ll soon enjoy the same greatness.  If you’ve not yet achieved the compliment of badass, beast, or animal at CFW, don’t worry.  When you do, you’ll know it didn’t come from a cheerleader praising just to make you feel better about yourself.

You’ll know you earned it.

Jana applying her athleticism on the pistol range. Since starting to shoot last November, Jana has competed in more than 10 shooting competitions. She always places in the top 20 and placed only 2 seconds behind a Navy SEAL in one.

Photo – D.J. Struntz (http://www.djstruntzphoto.com/)



5 Rounds for max reps of…

Body Weight Bench Press (scale as needed)

*There is no time component, recover as needed.

2 x 1 min Front Plank
2 x 1 min Side Plank (each side)

Oly Workout

2 Position Snatch x 3 @ 70%
2 Hang Clean x 4 (95/65)
Front Squat max

4 rounds for time…
20 kb Swings (24/16)
10 Pull-ups

9 thoughts on “Holiday Pet Food Drive and Relativity of Words

  1. Sandie says:

    Jana – that picture is inspiring! Get it girl!

    T – thanks for the post. I have achieved beast and bad ass and look forward to the accomplishment of animal! But don’t worry, I won’t stop there! Haha!

    6am’rs, Tanner and Walt – thanks again for the attention given to Nick. I think it’s so awesome that he wanted to come back and took the initiatives to try some lifts. I am so proud of him. I wish more kids his age (in this day and age) were more interested and involved in their health and well being.

    I am truly grateful to Josh, Tanner, Aaron and for all the crazy 6am’rs…thank you for helping me get my smile back…nuff said.

    Happy Thanksgiving Crossfit Fam.


  2. Tim Banford says:

    Tony, thanks for helping to support our Animal Food Drive. Many of you know me, Taylor Ross is my fiance. I have been around CF from time to time. We are collecting donations now thru Christmas at the Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive. 100% of the donations go to local non-kill, non proift shelters. I have brought my dogs to CF many times….I have seen just how many of you have dogs, love dogs, and bring yours to CF regularly. So, next time you are buying a bag of dog (or cat) food for your 4 legged friend at home, please grab a few cans or a bag of food and swing by Golds and make a donation. It is greatly appreciated! FYI, I did this in 2009 and we collected well over 5k worth of food! Most of these shelters burn through 100-200 lbs of food a day! Food is heavily rationed, shelter dogs get enough to stay alive, but they rarely go to sleep with a full belly and no doubt always want more. Dog treats are also welcome! Apprec…..

  3. t. says:

    The photographer is D.J. Struntz. He and his partner, Logan, are world renowned underwater and action photographers/videographers. He’s been going to the range with us lately and we’re lucky he brings his camera.

    Check out his work at:

    Here’s one our CrossFit Instructors, half naked in booty shorts (like that’s odd), but in this case you may be surprised. Who is it?

    If anyone is interested in shooting with us, check out http://www.AlastarTDS-C.com for what we do and courses we offer. If you’re interested in shooting the competitions, look them up at:

    This is a decent video explaining an IDPA match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFDaVIbJ4AU

    This is a video of folks you know. It’s from earlier this year. Melissa and Jana were just beginning to shoot. You should see them now!

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