CrossFit Wilmington Legends is for those 60-80 years young. Our focus is on movement, stability, strength and increasing mobility.


Newton’s first law of motion is often stated as:

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Why get your parents and your parent’s friends involved in CrossFit Wilmington’s LEGENDS program? Here are some reasons…

  • The time is now.
  • This is when it matters.
  • This is when you need fitness the most.

Our Philosophy

– We use general CrossFit programming principles, but we modify things a great deal.

We don’t do 1 rep max lifting. Strength work happens in 3s and 5s at most with a huge focus on time under tension, and we always stay well short of absolute limits. Proper form is even more important now, and mobility is a big concern. For instance, we don’t no-rep the 67-year old whose joints won’t allow her to hit depth in a squat.

-We spend a great deal of time on mobility and warm-ups, which can include some core work.

-We may have a physiotherapist who works with some of the athletes and advises us on limitations and corrective movements we can use in classes.

-We generally don’t go overhead. Not that we wouldn’t, but our group is limited in that area.

-Smaller dumbbells and lighter KBs and med balls are a must. Barbells work, of course, but dumbbells can sometimes be used to work around mobility issues.

-As we meet 2 times per week, we give them some strength and some conditioning each time. As the program expands, we might change that slightly, but older athletes need recovery days just as much as training days.

-We give the athletes basic nutrition advice. Most of them already have it from their doctors: eat less sugar.

-We give them small doses of conditioning while monitoring their intensity. We treat them like athletes, but we don’t push them into the red zone. We simply raise the heart rate and get them working with relative intensity.

-We  focus on movements that will improve quality of life: squats, deadlifts, carrying objects, pushing things – all stuff they’ll do in real life. There’s no reason to do super complex exercises that doesn’t mimic movement patterns from every-day life.

-We tend to stay away from Olympic lifts. They have value for a general CrossFit program, but we’ve found light Russian KB swings are much more accessible and get the hips opening without a lot of impact or the high skill development required of weightlifing.


Our LEGENDS program will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 am. Contact for more details.