“Colors of Hope” Fundraiser for Jennifer Turbeville and Ovarian Cancer Awareness is at Britt MotorSports TODAY.
Join us with your entire family from 1pm-3pm as we participate in the event.  
CFW is having a tire flip contest, a bench press contest, and tug of war for the kids.   

Paleo… just because it’s marketed as, doesn’t mean it is.
        There really is no way to cheat the Paleo diet.  It’s simply whole foods which come from the earth.  The foundation of it is high quality proteins, nuts and oils, dark green veggies, fruits (mostly berries), very little starches, and no sugar.  In our “quick fix, just pop a pill” culture, it’s easy to seek a shortcut.
        So along the same lines as the Paleo Ice Cream and Paleo Cookies, there are products out there being marketed as paleo or primal that are neither.  It’s not what the name of the food is, but what is in the ingredients that makes it healthy or not.
        Noelle sent me this link to Melissa Byer’s site, The Whole 9, on this topic.  Since coming over to the “dark side” (eating paleo, not joining CFW.  Ha.), Melissa has posted a lot of good things about eating and diet. 


Shooting develops, among other things… coordination, accuracy, balance, and agility. Thomas joined us at the range for pistol and carbine drills.

5 rounds for time…
400m Run
15 OHS (95lbs)

CFW Range Day

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  1. No GOOD says:

    Good Job Thomas it was a fun day…But damn even with the rain my hair remains amazing ha!!! Getting ready to take the CF Level one Cert Test in about 3 hours someone quickly start texting me the answers ….seriously start now ha

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