We first heard about CrossFit Wilmington when my husband Kiff worked with Joe Welliver a few years ago.  Kiff would constantly come home and tell me how we should give CrossFit a try. We had been Golds Gym-ers for many years but Dec of 2014 we finally decided to give CrossFit a shot.


From the moment we came in and had our intro with Cody we were hooked.  We even kept paying for our Golds memberships “just in case” we didn’t like CrossFit.  (We never stepped foot back in Golds Gym after our intro).


Aside from losing over 25 pounds of baby weight, I’d have to say the biggest change I’ve seen since starting is my strength. Someone told me to keep track of my weights each day in a notebook, I went back and looked at it the other day and saw the following:

  • Deadlift: 205 – 305
  • Front Squat: 140 – 200
  • Bench Press: 95 – 140
  • Clean & Jerk: 60 – 150


The fact that I’ve been able to see such changes in my strength is the coolest thing to me.  Lifting heavier and heavier weights is such a fun game to me. I like to see how far I can actually push my body and with CrossFit I feel like I’ve found the best way for my body to do that.


Right now I’m working on my biggest weaknesses pull-ups and Handstand Push Ups. I’m also trying to get better at some of the benchmark workouts.  For example, I did Grace within the first few months of starting and got 5:17 and when we did it the other day my time was 3:54.


My favorite CrossFit Wilmington memory is probably beating my husband in the Open workout 16.2.  🙂