I would like to thank Pete Boby for putting on his first kettlebell course. As with everything we preach at CFW, it is always good to spend a day doing or (re)learning something new or something old. I have known Pete for about 8 years. The first time I met Pete he was walking around with a kettlebell which was the first time I had ever seen a kettlebell.  So when I had the chance to attend a seminar he was running, I jumped at it. Learning proper technique of the hip explosion was the theme for the day. We focused on the Russian technique/swing where the foundation is hip flexion and extension. We learned the difference between American (competition style),Russian and power techniques. The Russian technique provides the foundation, with a stance similar to the Romanian Deadlift focusing on driving the hips forward to generate power, but not bringing the KB above parallel and keeping a slight bend in your arms. The American technique focuses more on swinging overhead which has a tendency to over extend our backs and hips and lose correct posture. Pete instructed us through stretching with the KB then moved on to how to receiving the KB in single and double armed cleans.  One of the things I found most helpful was learning how to properly receive the KB for a snatch, which is a WRIST SAVING technique.

For me the Turkish get up is right next to double unders; I would rather scrape paint off of walls with a tooth brush than do them.  I will not say that after the seminar I like them much more, but I have a grasp on how to do them and teach them correctly.  All in all it was a great seminar.  I suggest all our trainers and members attend the next time Pete puts this on.

-Ron “No Good” Holmes

Ron loading the hips and hamstrings, ready for an explosive power output on the Russian Kettlebell swing.

Crossfit Day 2/Week 3
4 rounds of the snatch complex for time
4 Muscle Snatch
4 Power Snatch
4 Snatch High Pull

*Go heavier than the previous 2 weeks. The muscle snatch will be the limiting weight; select a weight that is difficult to muscle snatch for 4 reps. 


Weighted Pull Up 3-5r x 6

Snatch Balance 60% x 2 x 4
Tall Snatch 60% x 2 x 4
[2 Tall Clean + 1 Jerk] 65% x 4

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  1. Meagan says:

    Great job 6 AM crew. The snatch is such a complex movement. Keep practicing the skills and warm-up to really get efficient at the Snatch movement.

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