Joint Health…  Maintenance and Rehab.
I’ve been asked many times about my stance on anti-inflammatory drugs, both cortico and non-steriodal.  Simply put, they are not good for you or your performance.  Worse, over time, they can be very adverse to your health.
So how about Glucosamine?  There’s no supporting studies for it.  I don’t take it.
I do take Sinew Plex.  Jrod from Next Level suggested I try it.  It help speed healing of my shoulder injury, avoiding surgery.  I just started going overhead in the last few weeks and I’ve since benched 310lbs, shoulder pressed 205lbs, and jerked 265lbs with zero pain.  Far from my maxes, but it’s been over 9 months since I’ve gone heavier than 135lbs and I’d rather err on the side of safety.  I’ve recently recommended it to a couple of members, one of which says his injury began feeling better within days.  The science is behind it is solid.  It is intended for daily use to maintain joint health and help prevent injury.  Learn more here.

The Beasts Gather for Games Prep. The Best CrossFit Affiliates meet up at CrossFit Competitions to see how they measure. These ladies are the reasons why the "competition" will never compare. Pictured, from left to right: Sara C., Melissa H., Felice S., Dawn H., Amanda H., and in background, Melissa B. & Amanda W.


Snatch Grip Deadlift on risers  5 x 5 (3,0,x,0)
DB Lunges  (8L / 8R ) x 5
Bench Press  6 x 5  (2,1,, 2,0)
Front Raises  8 x 4  (2,0,x,2)

3 Rounds for time…
8 Lateral Jumps
5 Plyo Push ups

In subplementum…
Complete the CFW Modified Burgerner Warm Up (105lbs, 75lbs) without dropping the bar.
*If you drop the bar, reduce the weight by 10lbs and start over.  If you drop the bar, reduce the weight again and start over.  Continue this way until you’ve completed the Warm Up, in its entirety, without dropping the bar.

5 thoughts on “Healthy Tip o’ the Day: Joint Health

  1. Jrod says:

    Originally posted 1/14/12:

    t., Josh, Tanner and CFW – Thanks for the invite. Great to see a wide variety of athletes get at it– Josh, nice to see “Big” move so fluently. t has my respect! He doesn’t ask of anyone what he has not experienced himself (true leader in my book). Some well- rounded middle weights like Tanner and Daniel. Nice to finally witness the CF reputation “The ladies are beasts” and they did not disappoint – how much Yang does Melissa take?
    After watching the competition, here are some tips on recovery; which is critical to excel.
    *Glutamine buffers (lactic acid) the burn and is great for lactate and energy systems training.
    *Get alkaline – Limes in your water, Glutamine, Electrolytes, Primal Reds.
    *Java Stim revs up catecholamines – good for people like Tanner, but not for everyone.
    *Beta-Alanine helps with repeated heavy sets (oly lifting). This product is very individual and you self-dose it till you feel a tingle.
    *Adrenal Support –Cross fitters are obviously adrenaline junkies and needs major adrenal support, so this is a whole topic in itself. . . more info to follow later
    *Cognitive Protocol – provides mental focus and clarity- A favorite for myself and t. You can hit up t or myself as I have several different formulas for cognition.
    *Eat more meat and extra aminos will still be needed. I run a lot of Functional labs and aminos often come back too low. I’m 280# and easily exceed 300 grams of protein a day. I just ran an Organic acids test on myself (a functional lab that looks for metabolic deficiencies) and I came back extremely low in amino acids & Picolinate (making it hard for me to absorb minerals). You don’t know what you don’t know-Run Functional Labs!
    I always recommend you try out supplements before competition day. NEVER try a new supplement on competition day, use them on regular lifting days and see if you like them and notice a benefit. Not every work-out supplement is effective for every athlete.
    CFW competitors are welcome at Next Level! Let us know if we can assist: jrod…

  2. t. says:

    I re-posted Jrod’s comment from yesterday so you all would be able to read his thoughts after watching Saturday’s competitors training. He brings a new set of eyes and years of strength conditioning coaching experience to the table. His input is valuable and appreciated.

    I like the pic we posted today… 7 of CFW’s strongest. The pic captures them pre-workout, awaiting the announcement of the upcoming workout. A contrast to the typical action photo we post, it’s a good shot of some the toughest ladies in Wilmington.

    A big thanks to Gail for the photo.

  3. Josh says:

    It was awesome watching these ladies get ready, get focused and then perform on Saturday. Where else in the world will you find a better combination beauty and beastliness!?!

  4. Tanner says:

    Our girls are strong. No gym in NC, crossfit or otherwise, can compare to the caliber of ladies we have in here.

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