Joey has lost 60 lbs since starting at CFW!


What first brought you to CrossFit Wilmington?


The thing that brought me to CFW was of course peer pressure from my friends Brandon Hall and Robin Pascoe, and the desire to be a better, healthier me. I had contemplated going for over a year. I heard the word CrossFit and immediately got “gymtimidation.” With the assurance of friends that were already doing the whole Crossfit thing I tried it. They warned me that it wasn’t going to be easy and it was definitely going to hurt. Ohhhhh what little did I know!


What was your first impression of CFW?


My first impression of CFW was what are all these people doing slinging around all these weights and throwing them down!? Not at all what I was used to while going to Planet Fitness. My first ever class was with Meredith Harvell. After we did some stretching and warming up she told me, “All right, that was a good warm up get a sip of water if you need to and let’s get to the workout!” HA I thought that was the workout! What have I gotten myself into?


What is the biggest change you’ve seen since starting?


The biggest change I’ve noticed for is obviously the weight loss, my diet, health, stamina and mobility. I was pushing 260 when I first started at CFW! Yea I was a fatty! A little over a year later I’m consistently staying at 200 and doing things I didn’t even think was possible a year ago.


What are you working on now?


Right now I am currently working on increasing my strength, Olympic lifting and CrossFit movements. I recently signed up for advanced CrossFit. The 2015 Open was a big eye opener for me. I couldn’t even do half of the open scaled. The 2016 Open was huge improvement, I did every workout at RX and finished every single workout!


What is your favorite CrossFit Wilmington memory?


My favorite CFW memory is without a doubt the intramural open this year. I have never witnessed so much support and camaraderie in one building. It was an absolutely amazing thing to witness. Without the support of my teammates and them pushing me I might not have finished some of those open workouts. I love my CFW family!