Jennifer Saucier, owner Prima Day Spa and long time CrossFit Wilmington member, writes about her experience at CFW. Jenn knows why CFW is has so many success stories. Like her, our successes have made their fitness and health a priority. She and all our successes have two things in common… their drive and our gym. Thanks to Jen, and all our members, for making CrossFit Wilmington.

My husband and I were having dinner with our good friends (and my hockey buddy) Andy and Katie Comer in May of ’08 and Andy could not stop talking about this new thing he was doing… Crossfit at CrossFit Wilmington. I thought it sounded pretty cool, but was a Bodypump and Bodystep Gold’s Gym girl for so many years.  Every time I saw Andy he sang the praises of CFW.  Finally, about 2 months later, I grabbed my husband and a friend and dragged them to check it out. CFW Trainer, Darren, showed us around.  I saw sweaty, panting people doing stuff I really had never seen before.  I was hooked!  The only barbell I had ever loaded was a body pump bar and the most weight I ever put on it was maybe 20-30 lbs. I had always worked out just to look good, although I am very competitive when it comes to playing sports and running next to people on the treadmill or stairmaster… haha.  This getting strong stuff seemed like it might come in handy for hockey and

Results like Jennifer's come from dedication, discipline, and commitment.
Results like Jennifer’s come from dedication, discipline, and commitment.

well, everyday life. The very first workout I did was the filthy fifty.  When I walked in that day, I saw a former Gold’s Gym member that I knew, busting her ass so hard she ended up dry heaving in the wastebasket.  Two more people followed before I could even get started. (Oh and not to mention the fact that they all went back after pukie and finished the workout!) Well of course this gave me a rush of nervousness that I get before games and I was so excited that I had finally found this mecca of intensity!  From there we had to get past my husband’s fun with the Crossfit lingo…perfect innuendos for a 45 year old kid! I had a pretty flexible schedule then so I was able to work out at all different times and met most everyone that was a member over the next few months.  The camaraderie, support, and friendship that I felt at CFW was unparalleled! I felt like these people were family! I didn’t want to be anywhere but at the “box”  hangin’ with my favorite peeps ever!  It’s still like that 5 years later!

Jenn was featured in the CrossFit Wilmington fundraiser calendar.
Jenn was featured in the CrossFit Wilmington fundraiser calendar.

About 6 months after I joined I was just getting pretty good at most of the stuff but was still not happy with my weight. I weighed about 120 lbs until I had my children in my mid-twenties. I drifted between 125-135 for years, which I was okay with. I’d put on some muscle. However, I had somehow let myself drift upwards and was weighing between 145 and 150 around the time I joined CFW. I was looking better, but knew if I could get back to my 130 weight I’d be much happier…and pull-ups would be so much easier! It was around this time Tony announced that he would be holding a Paleo eating class.  I attended and heard a lot of the stuff that I had known about low carb eating, but so much more. I committed and followed the principles he taught (and bugged him almost every time I saw him to explain again about this or that, which he so graciously did) and got in pretty much the best shape of my life at 42 years old!  It was a pretty great feeling when people commented on what great shape I was in and even fitness professionals would ask me what my diet and workouts were.

Jenn-S dips
“I cannot imagine not belonging to CFW and just wish I had discovered it when I was 20!” Jenn S.

I maintained the Paleo lifestyle strictly for about 2 years, but slowly and surely slipped up.  It was just a little at first, but then more and more until I had screwed up long enough to gain back about 12 lbs. The great thing though, is that I am constantly reminded of how it is so easy to get it back by watching member after member get committed and do it time after time at CFW! Everywhere you look there is a success story in progress! I love it! I have been back strict paleo for about 4 weeks now and am noticing much more energy and my abs are peeking out again.…just in time for winter. Ha! CFW has gone through so many changes and so much growth over the past almost 6 years. Throughout this time, the top notch training and steadfast support have remained.  I cannot imagine not belonging to CFW and just wish I had discovered it when I was 20! A huge thank you to Tony and all the awesome trainers for all you do for the Crossfit community and beyond! Jenn S.

7 thoughts on “Jennifer Saucier = Success

  1. Amanda W says:

    Jenn you have it all – brawn, beauty and humility. I still can’t believe you run your own business and still are so happy at 7:00 when you actually have time to workout! You are a great example for all of us!

  2. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    The female half of the best looking, nicest couple I know speaks out about her secret to total hotness! You rule Mrs. Saucier. I love working out with you when we catch each other in there and I am always chasing your #’s because you are a great athlete. So nice to see you on here because you are an inspiration.

  3. Jen S says:

    Such nice comments from such inspirational ladies! Thank you all!! I am truly just trying to catch up with you all!!! Miss you too Meagan and I wish we all had the same schedules again so we could always wod together! Thanks to you too Tony for the kind words…love you all! 🙂

  4. Erin says:

    I love how you say, “Everywhere you look there is a success story in progress!” That is so perfect and *exactly* how I feel when I’m there :). Thanks for a great article.

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