Wilmington Strength & Conditioning instructor, James Tatum, traveled to Fort Mill, SC this week to begin training at the Muscle Driver USA facility. Last week he tried out for the MD USA Team and was selected as a member. At MD USA James has the privilege of training under world-class weightlifting coach, Glenn Pendlay, and along side some of the best lifters in the nation.

James came to CFW a little over a year ago with a strong background in powerlifting. He was interested in beginning to Olympic lift and started, as many of our members have, with one of CFW’s Olympic lifting courses. He made great improvements in a very short time. He completed the 6 week course with a snatch of nearly 300 lbs. We are proud to claim James as one of our athletes and expect him to be very successful in the years to come (US Olympic team?).

If you are interested in becoming more proficient at the Olympic lifts we highly encourage you to take part in the next Olympic lifting course. We run the course every few months. CFW is known for its Olympic lifting prowess inside the Crossfit world. At each competition, our athletes are complimented on our technique and power. It is not uncommon to hear that our gym “put on a clinic” in the Olympic lifts. Work hard on our programming for the next few weeks during this power and agility cycle, we will be doing a heavy dose of Olympic lifting.

Below is a video of the Muscle Driver Team’s training from Monday evening. Check out James and his teammates in action.


For Completion…
50 GHD-sit ups
50 Back Extensions
50 Knees to Elbow

Myofascial Release- IT Band/ Anterior Chain

Olympic Weightlifting

Rest day

8 thoughts on “James Tatum at MDUSA

  1. Meagan says:

    Hell yeah James. So BA!!!!

    Great job to everyone who showed up to the 6 AM class 🙂

    Christian-Keep working on that snatch skill work. Your lifts are looking better and better. Oly Class for you my man!

  2. Whitney says:

    I am so excited to like a sport! I watched that whole video and loved it. I will be thinking of the ease of movement and fluidity of the lifts and trying to emulate it. Excellent resource. Congratulations, James!

  3. Taylor says:

    Ha! I feel the same way. Watching those guys (and gal) do the lifts made it seem so fluid, so dare I say…easy?! They made it look easy. I watched the whole thing and cant wait to get under some weight and try it out. Im such a visual learner, so that was just pure eye candy right there. Awesome video. Great job James. Dead pan face the whole time, not one grimmace, not one peep out of your mouth. Just doing work. Way way cool to watch!

  4. Tanner says:

    Impressive James! Your dedication to training is paying some serious dividends. I fully expect to see you on the Olympic team in 2016. Keep it up!

  5. Amanda W says:

    We will all be saying “I knew James when….” Congrats on making the team, James. You deserve that spot and will undoubtedly make some huge gains in the coming year.

  6. Scott S says:

    It is amazing how fast these people are! As usual, the girl had the best form but they all were amazing. James you are making your presence known!

  7. Sensei says:

    Gonna RULE SCHOOL in tomorrows AM classes. I better see ALL of my early AM Athletes at the box bright eyed and bushy tailed!

    Bring your A Game cause the gym will be closed all weekend and you owe yourself the push!

    Let Sensei make all your dreams come true!

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