5 thoughts on “Jackie

  1. Sara Marston says:

    I’m here at the beach this week representing CrossFit Local in Chapel Hill. Nice to get some sweaty, salty, sandy CFW action. I was hoping to see my old coach Tater (Tanner), but you broke my heart. Local misses you. *single tear*

    I’ve been off CF for a week. Thanks to Annie for swathing me in that itchy CrossFit blanket and ripping my mostly-healed calluses back open. 15:57 Rx. Nice to meet everyone!

  2. Tanner says:

    So sorry Marston, I suck, no excuses. Come in tomorrow and I shall be there! On another note, 4 o clock class got after it. That Jackie is deceptive, 45 lb thrusters are harder than they look

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