Fructose, and its evil cousin, high fructose corn syrup, may be the reason (or likely one of numerous reasons) you are fat and cannot lean out.  A very little fructose goes a long way at keeping your body in a state elevated readiness for fat storage.  Check out the articles below for a better understanding of why the sugar found in fruits is the reason why I recommend you eat only fruits that end in the word berry.

Avoid Fructose…
by Charles Poliquin

Fructose is a sugar that is found in large quantities in processed foods in the form of high fructose corn syrup, but it is also present in fruit.  The body responds to fructose, especially large quantities of it, by turning it straight into fat. It also alters liver function, and if you eat large quantities regularly,  it will render the liver incapable of processing glucose, meaning you’ll get even fatter in the long run.  
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The Many Faces of The Sugar Monster
by Mark Sisson 

hydraOur major qualm with high fructose corn syrup is its overwhelming ubiquity in processed food – which accounts for a significant portion of the average American’s daily diet. While we may not fall prey to the lure of excessive packaging and convenience offered by processed food, far too many people – about whose health we also care – rely on it. Plus, the fact that the stuff is so brazen about its sugar content (“high fructose”?) just rubs us the wrong way. Honesty is good, we suppose, but the fact remains that drinking soda or eating candy nowadays is like freebasing fructose.
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Wilmington Strength & Conditioning Lead Instructor, James Tatum, demonstrates the proper positioning for foam rolling the IT Band.


Technique Work:
The Rope Climb

3 rounds for completion…
20 GHD Sit-ups
20 Toes to Bar
20 Ab Roll-outs

Foam Roll IT Band
* Start at hip and roll down towards knee (should take 3-5 minutes each leg)

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  1. Sensei says:


    The entire reason that you check this website, the entire reason that you’ve joined the strongest and most professional gym in the land IS THAT YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MORE!!

    Be harder to kill.

    Run faster, lift more, and HAVE A LARGE CAPACITY FOR LIFE!!

    See you tonight.

  2. DC says:

    Give me back the SKULL!!! It was great to see everyone yesterday.. and Thomas great job on the rower.. Everyone I worked with yesterday great stuff

  3. Meagan says:

    Darren (aka DC) is the best rowing coach ever. Those of you who were drilled by him, feel lucky. haha. He may be tough, but he will help you become an efficient rower!

    It was good seeing you Darren :-). You better be here for a while this time.

  4. taylor says:

    Im sitting here at work, waiting till the afternoon to get a chance to work out at our beloved CFW. I’m catching up on posts, catching up on CFW info and peeps. Amanda- after reading your story, I am ready to drive to CFW and tear it up! You are such a modivator and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your path to what I know will be greatness at the games. I am really enjoying these stories from our staff and members documenting their lives leading up to the games; it’s a such a great idea and I SO appreciate the time you all are taking to give us your insight. Whitney- can’t wait to hear the new podcast. I loved the last one as well. Make sure you share how to listen to the past pod cast as well as the new one. Looking forward to seeing your face around the gym DC, I’ve been rowing more lately and need some pro tweaking!

  5. t. says:

    Darren sought out the row coaching from C2 and from collegiate rowers. That coaching enhances the instruction provided at CFW.

    The little things add up. I watched in horror and disappointment at the Regionals as many competitors pulled and pulled on the rowers as hard and as fast as they could… just to waste energy and go nowhere.

    When I see great athletes execute movements with less than great technique I look at their so called, or typically self called “coaches” with a bit of anger. If you’re blessed as a gym owner to have athletes willing to push themselves to the level it takes to get to the CF Games, it your responsiblity… no, it your duty to provide the athlete with the absolute best training.

    Oh well, other gyms lacking coaching and instruction does better CFW’s placings. Ha.

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