Get smart to strength training.  1 rep max attempts of whatever lift, “slow” or “Olympic” are important for numerous reasons.  But to do so with no progression or strength/power build up and conditioning is amateurish and irresponsible, at a minimum, for a coach to have his athletes perform.  And at worse, dangerous and injury inducing.

Emily Z. is a great example of this sort of thing.  She, on her first day at a CrossFit affiliate, was put through her first workout…  Snatch – 1 rep Max.  Yes, this is a true story.  She dropped the barbell and damaged her ankle.  A year and half later and she still has problems with it.   

Trainers or coaches that program light metcon work for months at a time with only a few days of dedicated strength or power work need to rethink their approach.  And to have new or unconditioned members max is absurd. 

Our periods of strength conditioning support metabolic conditioning more so than the other way around.  Actually, you can’t develop potential strength without dedicated conditioning.  Fact.  Argue it any other way and you’ll make yourself a nonplayer in the eyes of any strength coach.

Now, misuse of common strength training techniques is almost as bad.  The use of chains and bands has its function.  But you’d not just apply it to a new member who’s not yet mastered the technique of the lifts.  Another common one… programming weight percentages of Max lifts.  This one takes planning and preparation.  Just haphazardly programming a lift at a certain percentage doesn’t make your programming look more intelligent…  it makes you look less and displays your lack of “coaching” experience and training knowledge.  

We dedicate periods of at least 4 weeks each quarter to, back to the basics, strength training.  It’s not to say we don’t still do metcons.  We do.  Only after the strength condition and if not, the metcon is strength focused.  I.e., heavy.

Our CrossFitters are stronger than most lifters and faster than most CrossFitters because of our dedication to time tested strength fundamentals.  Add in CFW’s focus on technique and Olympic style of lifting and you get a “meat-eating” athlete with no compromise and a mindset that disallows laying down at the feet of any person!

Get some,

Putting tried and true methods to work, Sorg and t. get heavy plus chains.  The chains add weight at the top through the ROM of the lift.  New lifters don’t get to apply this training until they’ve developed proper technique.   

Front Squat (205lbs/115lbs)  5 sets of max rep sets with 2 minutes recovery between sets
4 rounds for time..
16 (8ea arm) One Armed KB Swings (24kg/16kg)
10 Push Ups
4 Dead Hang Pull Ups
4 Kipping Pull Ups

Hang Snatch  70% x 2 x 3
Snatch 70% x 2 x 3
Hang Clean 70% x 2 x 3
Clean 70% x 2 x 3
Hang (above the knee but as high as possible) Clean Shrug Pulls  90% x 5 x 3

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