Dr. McGraw will be presenting a hip mobility/injury prevention seminar on this Wednesday, 12 January at 7pm.  Take advantage of this free event.

We will be closed on Saturday for the hosting of our second CrossFit Level 1 Certification Course.


Our members inspire us to inspire them…

Since the beginning of CrossFit Wilmington, we’ve programmed a bit heavier than other CrossFit Affiliates.  That’s no big deal and old news, it’s just what we do.  We develop strength first.  It’s the foundation every physical skill can be anchored to.  We are technical and focus more on form than the clock.  We periodize and plan our programming.  We don’t do things like most CrossFits and are proud of that.  We don’t believe “random and varied” is making up your workouts each morning when you open your gym.  We know careful planning is the only way to develop excellent fitness in each of our members.

CrossFit Wilmington was founded upon ideals and experience not shared by most affiliate owners. Our attention to detail makes the training we provide exponentially better.  Our trainers are the best in the biz and just as important (to us, at least), excel in each fitness skill.  Some gym’s owners are ok with being ok.  It’s not our way.  CrossFit Wilmington isn’t mediocre and will never be.

Apathy has no place inside our walls.

But what really sets us part from the other is our Mindset and the environment we cultivate.  The upbeat, positive training atmosphere of CrossFit Wilmington inspires everyday, average, people to push themselves a bit harder in order to achieve well beyond their goals.  When we look at new member,we don’t see them…  we see what they are capable of.

Most of the time that new member has no idea what level of fitness they can reach.  We do.  In only a few training sessions we know where we can take a new client and in how long.  Granted, we need their cooperation.  We can’t make members train or feed properly.  But we do inspire them to by simply showing them, at their pace, how many new things they accomplish.
In turn they inspire us and the other members.  It’s a closed loop… one affecting the other to seek their best.

Members of other CrossFit Affiliates know CrossFit Wilmington as having more “beasts” than any other CF in the Carolinas…  our quantity comes from our quality.

Our members know CFW as their place for motivation and inspiration!

We’re looking forward to developing new inspiration in each of our members for each of our members in the coming year.
2011… Baby!

Members providing inspiration… these two young ladies deliver strong dosages with every workout.  Sarah runs the steps with a 20lbs 30lbs vest and 50lbs SandBag and Felice nails a 43″ Box Jump at all of 5 foot 1 inches tall.

Does your gym lack inspiration?  Come see us…  everyday your friends and family are making the switch to Wilmington’s CrossFit.
Not on our side of town?  See Tracy and Keith at Port City CrossFit in downtown Wilmington.  In or closer to Carolina Beach?  Go train with Brock at CrossFit Carolina Beach.  If you’re across the Bridge and closer to Ocean Isle, former CFW badass, Karen C. at CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach has you covered.

Front Squat  4 – 4 – 4 – 4
AMRAP in 8 minutes of…
8 Hang Power Clean (135/95)
2 Muscle Ups (sub is 5 dead hang pull and 5 Dips)
20 Double Unders

Weightlifting – Class postponed to 6am Wednesday
3 position (knee, midthigh, high) Snatch at 65% x 2 (repeat 2 sets with no rest b/tw) x 4
3 position (knee, midthigh, high) Clean at (up to 185lbs/115lbs) x 2 (repeat 2 sets with no rest b/tw) x 4
Snatch Grip Shrug Pull from risers x 4 x 4
Front Squat 4 x 4

6 thoughts on “Inspiration… it’s a closed, feedback loop.

  1. Whitney says:

    Sara! and Felice, you’re role models. To me. I always look at your stats on the board and think ‘I hope I can get there some day’. I came on here today to recommend Art Devaney’s new book ‘The New Evolution Diet’ It’s really engaging, the food aspect is paleo ‘lite’ but the exercise information is a great distillation of physiology and brass tack important facts. DeVaney is in his 70’s and has been developing his current lifestyle for 25 years. He is a very interesting man.

  2. sara! says:

    Thank you all for the love; I told t. I was worried ’cause my hair was a mess – he asked me if I wanted to stop and put on some make-up.

    It’s certainly something else when you can tell others about these people that you know, that aren’t simply amazing athletes, but incredible individuals. There’s a lot of brotherhood and family here; nothing but encouragement and a familiar and safe place to step (or leap) from your comfort zone.

    There’s something special about this box.

    Whitney, you’ll be right with us in no time, girl! Think about all of the progress you’ve made so far!

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