One of the hallmarks of CrossFit training is that you have to be kind of good at everything. In order to be competitive, we have to be able to lift heavy, run fast, and endure through multiple events in a single day.


Eric and I spoke in March about how to improve his CrossFit training so he could be more competitive at local events. We set out to determine where he needed to improve and how we could do it.


We start off all of our programming clients with 10 days of assessments. These will give us a good look at their strengths, imbalances, and areas that need improvement. We then build the program based upon improving all areas, and bringing their fitness as much as possible into balance.


When Eric started training with me, I had the following priorities:

  • Improve endurance
  • Improve squat relative to deadlift
  • Improve overall power output
  • Improve upper body push more than pull


In about 5 months of training, this is the progress we’ve seen:

Close Grip Bench: 245 – 255

Weighted Pull Up (including bodyweight): 270 – 285

Snatch: 160 – 165

Clean & Jerk: 205 – 225

Fran: 4:06 – 3:31

In addition, Eric’s initial 1 mile run was in 8:19. He recently ran a 1.5 mile in 10:23, a sub 7:00 mile pace at a longer distance.


Eric’s dedication to working hard and following his program have allowed him to improve tremendously in 6 months. Sometimes it takes adding a little bit more, and targeting specific points to continue to move you forward in your fitness journey.


If you’re interested in training for a specific goal, contact for a free 1 on 1 goal setting session.