For those looking for a more specific program to reach their goals we offer personalized programming. Personal programming is ideal for anyone who needs more than a group class. It could be training for a specific event, training to improve strength or endurance, or training for specialized physique goals.

We will sit down and determine the best plan of action for you to succeed. Each program is individually designed to keep you progressing towards your goals in a steady manner. You will be asked to check in with your coach on a regular basis so that we can make sure our program design is working the best for you.

We also offer ways to improve our programming experience by adding 30 minute skill sessions to your monthly program. These skill sessions will allow you an opportunity to work hands on with a coach to improve a skill or technique that we feel may be holding you back in your daily progress.

For example, if you’re struggling to get your first muscle up, but you’re almost there, a 30 minute session to focus on the transition may be exactly what you need to get to the next level. Or if your Olympic Lifting technique is keeping you from being competitive in your weight class 30 minutes to hone in your snatch technique will help bring your max up.

Our programming options are as follows: 

Personal Program Only – $199 (includes access to CFW Open Gym)

Personal Program + 2 monthly personal training sessions – $274

Personal Program + 4 monthly personal training sessions – $339