Yesterday I posted “If you want more, you have to do more.”  Like I said, I originally wrote it on our white board the day Darren and I hung it at the old gym on Netherlands Drive.  It is still there… faded a bit, but still remains.

It is such a simple idea; work harder and you will get better results.

As such, our methods at CrossFit Wilmington allow for you to make the decisions ultimately guaranteeing (or not) your success.  I like it when people think for themselves.  When we do, we learn more and typically achieve better results.  CFW provides the instruction and guidance.  What you do with it is up to you.  By design, your success (or failure) at CrossFit Wilmington is entirely up to you.

For example, we recommend 4-5 workouts per week with 2 days off each week augmented with 2 consecutive days off at least once a month.  We also recommend a diet of foods completely devoid of man made, preservative laided foods like bread and pasta with an emphasis on meat and green veggies.  If you choose otherwise you will probably not achieve the results as a member who does (all other variables the same, of course).

We can’t require you to do anything, really.

We inspire you to “do more” by proving our recommendations and guidelines produce their intended results.  We do it by correcting your technique so you experience the increases of efficiency and times/weights.  We do it by illustrating stories like Albert’s and posting pics and videos of Dawn or JZ or Amanda or Cody or Gene or Mrs. Pat or…, well you get the point, the list of inspiring athletes at CFW is just too long to continue.   Duh, it is over 400 people long!

When it comes to training, there is one thing we promote above all; excellent technique (i.e., as close to perfect as you are capable!!).
This one thing will better your training experience than any other.  The list of reasons is lengthy, but practicing excellent technique will reduce the likeliness of injury and make you stronger.  What more reasons do you need?

So we don’t have many rules at CrossFit Wilmington.  We tend to focus on what really matters…  training.  But not just,  we are training for results.  We’ve created an environment where your nature and habits can increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

We don’t require you to show up ten minutes early for a class.  Heck, we don’t even require you to show up on time for that matter.
The way we look at it, you are paying CFW, if you show late for class, you do so knowing the instructors will work you in as best they can.  Our members are not punished for being late with burpees or some other retardedness.  Don’t worry, our instructors won’t yell at you or get offended if you leave early either.
We are smart enough to know your life has importance over your workout.  Besides, I doubt there’s anyone who wants to be embarrassed and humiliated for being a bit tardy to a CrossFit class.

If you don’t know, many CrossFits think this type of operation is a good thing, somehow they think applying “corrective action” on members will coerce them to conform.  Not CFW, we understand that our class schedule routinely doesn’t meet all our members’ routines.  We would rather you get part of your workout than none at all.

CrossFit is a workout program that should improve your life, not be your life.

Just don’t expect the instructors to stop the class to work you in.  Once you’re late, you assume the fault and the instructors will work you in at their discretion.  We can’t detract from the members’ training that did show up on time.  That’s fair, eh?

Another thing I get asked about a lot is a log book.

We don’t require our members to annotate in a journal every detail of every workout.  It’s like this, some people are note takers and a log book works well for them.  They can tell you every min/sec and weight used of every workout they’ve ever done.  They also keep lists and calendars and spreadsheets and set alerts that are all linked together.  So for them, a log book is a great idea.

But, for many, a log book is more a pain.  Something else we have to keep up with in our already hectic lives.  These folks are “mental note takers” and typically have a system in their head for categorizing.  The last thing you want is the trainer you are paying your hard earned money getting mad at you for not keeping a log of your last FGB score or Fran time…  I mean, God forbid.  And besides, the reality is, mental note takers are used to remembering.  I bet most can remember the times and weights they did on the last benchmark workouts or max lifts they did.  If they cannot, then they don’t care.  As long as the workouts are good and the experience is productive, we’re not going to force you to track your progress at all.

Some trainers are reading this and thinking to themselves “this guy is a moron”.  Many think if a client doesn’t respond to their way of doing things, the client is all messed up.  That trainer is probably also mad at a gym like CrossFit Wilmington for taking his or her clients too.

We want your CrossFit experience to be productive, but also fun.  If you stop working out completely because you don’t like the atmosphere in your gym or worse, a punk trainer (that you’re paying!) is belittling and disrespective to you, then obviously, you won’t get results.

Some CrossFits swear by these tactics.  They typically have higher turn over rates than we do.  CFW is proud that you all come here and stay here.

CrossFit Wilmington provides guidance…  the left and right limits for you to operate within.  We present it professionally and directly with no sugar coating.

When you’ve achieved your goals and are moving on to the new ones, you can give yourself the credit.  It was your discipline, your will and your will alone that led you to and through your goals.


7 thoughts on “Your Free Will

  1. Kelly Rose says:

    I moved from Wilmington a few months ago and started at a CF in my new location. Everything you described here about what CFW is not, is exactly what this new CF IS. 25 burpee late penalty, everyone (except me because I refuse) has a log book, the instructor at the time I can go is a belittling and disrespectful. Log books may be helpful for other people, but I spend so much time documenting what my patients do, the last thing I want to do is document my workouts! I have more useful ways to spend that $150/month than going somewhere and disliking the atmosphere. Another CFW member joined me at this other CF and also disliked it, recommending I not go back. So, I joined the Sports Center, am able to work out more with my crazy work schedule than I could at the CF gym, and the atmosphere is much better. I do get some incredulous looks when I jump up on the pull-up bar and knock out a few sets of deadhangs, then use big girl weights with my lifts, but that’s ok. I sure do miss CFW and can’t wait to work out with you guys again when I come back!!

  2. brock wilson says:

    Man! I Absolutely L O V E D this post. So true and so well said. I see those Napoleon complex, Nonsense Rules all the time (most prominently and recently in the newly closed Tower CrossFit) and I find it SO very insulting. More often than not it stems from an owner/instructors own insecurities in his her knowledge, abilities and/or business model. Clearly, no such issues with youall at CFW.

    Great Post!

  3. Pedrina says:

    I love this gym! I’ve never enjoyed working out like I do now. The thought of going back to gold’s and taking body pump is a miserable thought! The morning crew is a great group of people to sweat with.

  4. Tanner says:

    “Crossfit is a program that should improve your life not be your life.” Spot on T. Don’t get too caught up in having the best numbers on the board. I have to tell many new members that it is a process. As long as you are improving yourself every day, that is all that matters. Very few of us are games caliber athletes, use the tools you gain in the gym to do things outside the gym, spors, hiking etc. Time and weights are not the be all end all.

  5. Albert Steed says:

    This post was spot on. I really enjoy the people and the place that is CFW. I can tell you from talking to friends and reading some of what you posted that if those things happened here you would not have the “Albert” success story. I have enjoyed my process with you all to date and look forward to getting better everyday as I move forward.

    On a side note:
    @Renee!!! if you are reading this e-mail me some recipes!!!!

  6. Clint says:

    As one of the first members at CFW and probably not one of the most consistent because of schedules and “life”. I can say that this place is always like coming home. The encouragement and positive feedback I get whenever I show up is what keeps me from just throwing in the towel with frustration. I love the staff and all they do and I will forever sing your praise to all I meet. Great job guys and keep up the good work and thanks for understanding that some people have many conflicts but still need encouragement. Awesome place!!!!!


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