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Being a self starter is a rare trait. It’s difficult to identify a goal and take direct steps to accomplish that goal without getting sidetracked at some point along the way.


We’ve all been there. We set a goal with the greatest of intentions, but at the first hint of difficulty, it’s hard to keep pushing towards it. We want to run a 5k, but that first day of running is HARD, so we start to reconsider.


But, if you have someone working with you on that 5k, running with you and motivating you, you’re less likely to give up after that first tough day, or that first set back.


The same goes for your fitness journey. Most people that we sit down and talk with have very clearly defined goals. They want to lose 40 lbs or be able to do a pull up. They know what the end goal is, but they may not have the motivation to get there after a setback.


If the scale doesn’t drop for a week, or we still can’t get that pull up after a month, what do we do then?


At a traditional gym, it falls on you to motivate yourself to come in 3 to 5 days per week and work towards that goal. You have to do it yourself. That works for some, but not for most. In fact, big box gyms would prefer you not to show up after your first setback. It keeps the equipment from getting worn out, and they still get to keep your money.


At CrossFit Wilmington, we provide you with the motivation to succeed. We want to know your goals and give you a plan to reach them. How much is that motivation worth? How important is it to continue to succeed?


If you’re looking for motivation, or having a hard time keeping yours, set up a complimentary No Sweat Intro and goal setting session. We can help you navigate your fitness journey.