With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday, this post is designed to give you tips and tricks to survive the dreaded holiday weight gain. Here are some practical tips to stay on track this week:

  1. Make Thanksgiving a one day event
    • If you’re going to eat a lot, confine it to one day, Thanksgiving day, not Thanksgiving Tuesday through Saturday
  2. Eat your protein first
    • If you eat meat first, you’ll be less likely to go wild on the the starches like potatoes and mac and cheese
  3. Limit yourself to one dessert.
    • That’s one piece of pie, not one whole pie
  4. Follow your heavy meals by a light meal
    • It’s not likely that one big meal will lead to weight gain, but meal after meal after pumpkinmeal will be a problem
  5. Finally, don’t stress
    • If you eat a few sweets or extra food don’t freak out! Stress and guilt about what you’re eating leads to more problems than the eating itself. Own it and move on, it’s not the end of the world!

Don’t forget about the Black Friday Burner, this Friday at the Wrightsville Beach Loop at 9:00 am.  Come work hard after all the turkey!