This guy... an endurance athlete? Bo just completed the longest endurance event of any CFW athlete this year... SFAS. Congratulations to Bo on successfully completing the US Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS). SFAS is the screening course a candidate must complete before moving on to Special Forces training, The Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). Congratulations Bo... and have "fun" in the Q-Course.

Want to know more about what Bo just endured?  This series was made a few years ago when SFAS was shortened to only two weeks.  It is now back to three.  Watch this 9 video series…  it’s a decent, yet typically “hollywood’ish” documentation of SFAS: Video 1

CrossFit WOD
Back Squat  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5  (4 descent/1 pause)
3 rounds for time…
10 (5L/5R) KB Snatch
3 Muscle Ups (4 pull ups / 4 dips)

3 position (high, knee, floor) Snatch (up to 115lbs/85lbs) x 4
Heaving Snatch Balance  3 x 4
Back Squat  5 x 4 (4/1)
CF Metcon

7 thoughts on “Holiday Recovery

  1. drew says:

    Bo, awesome job. None of us ever doubted that you’d have a problem excelling through that school. Best of luck

  2. Abs says:

    Bo I am so pumped for you! congrats! Get thru the Q course, have fun and welcome to the family! did you meet chris?
    I hope everyone had a great holiday! Can’t believe I have been outta the box for over a WEEK! Killing me Smalls! Went to CF STL tho…was fun. Just not the same…oh and I CRUSHED their board everyday I was there! LOL. Thanks CFW…see you this evening!

  3. t. says:

    Bo… congratulations Man.

    Over the years I’ve come into contact with many who claim to have done or claim to wanted to do what you just did. We joke that every guy in the Navy is a SEAL, every Marine a sniper, and every Army dude, Special Forces. Conversely, you went for it. Good job.

    So way to go on “doing more” Bro and now you’re on to the Q course. Two words of advice… Cooperate / Graduate.

    I love the results and accomplishments you guys obtain. Thanks CFW… the effort we put into CFW is worthwhile by the efforts you give.

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