We recently featured CFW Instructor and Games Team Member, Amanda H. in an article post.  Her story of overcoming disease and sickness is remarkable…  if you didn’t know her.  But for those of you who do, you know she’s hard headed… like a mule hopped up on PCP.   So being sick and weak wasn’t on Amanda’s itinerary for this year.  In recent weeks Hodge has shown she is healthy and fast by hitting some big scores in the CrossFit Games Open.  If you just looked at those numbers, you might assume Hodge favors the lightweight metcons of the open.  Not so.  She recently Squatted 295 and hit a snatch from the hang at 155lbs.

Halted Pull + Clean & Jerk – 200lbs


1 Clean Deadlift + 3 Hang Clean Pulls + 1 Hang Clean – 5 sets

10min AMRAP:
5 Thrusters (135/85)
7 Pull-ups
9 Box Jumps (24/20)

[1 minute plank + 30sec left hand / right leg raised + 30sec right hand / left leg raised] x 3 – 1 minute rest btw sets

Wilmington Weightlifting

Jerk- Work up to a Heavy Single
Hang Snatch 5s x 3r

4 Rounds of…
Leg Curl 4-6r
Good Morning 6-8r
Back Ext 8-10r
rest 2 Minutes between sets

[1 minute plank + 30sec left hand / right leg raised + 30sec right hand / left leg raised] x 3 – 1 minute rest btw sets

7 thoughts on “Hodge – 200lbs Clean & Jerk

  1. t. says:

    Fuzzy… Bigfoot is fuzzy too. Ha.

    Hodge is strong and only getting strong(her). She’s proving to everyone, including herself, she is serious about her health and performance goals. It’s almost scary how quickly Hodge has improved. Good stuff.

    We were all a little worried when Dawn informed us she would not be able to compete this year b/c of school (silly priorities). A CFW Team with no Dawn sounded weak. While no one likes not having Dawn around, I’m happy to say Hodge has stepped up to fill the “strong” spot on the team. Additionally, Amanda W. and Melissa H. have also developed some serious strength gains in the last year. So while our ladies were 1/2 a very strong team last year… they are undoubtedly a force again this year.

  2. Hodge says:

    Thanks guys!!! And T I can show you where I can put my fuzzy big foot too 🙂

    However I can’t agree more with the latter part- I never realized how much adequate rest and proper nutrition played a part in my training until I actually took it serious and witnessed ridiculous gains in a matter of a couple months. Along with a couple threatening discussions about my health. I kid. 🙂 being anything but strong was never an option.

    Can’t wait to see the CFW team potential be put on display this year!!!

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