I was very happy to receive an email from one of our former members, but still great friend, Mrs. Noelle Tarr.  Her email was great and I asked her if I could post it.  From Noelle…

Just wanted to sent a quick “thanks” for everything you post on the website and the detailed information you feed to us every day. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to us who are “students” of this lifestyle.

Since moving to Annapolis, Ken and I decided to not join the xfit here – and we’ve stuck to doing workouts on our own at the Oly Gym at the Academy. We’ve been working with some of the strength coaches here, and I’ve been staying tuned into what xfit Wilmington is doing on a daily basis. In short, we’ve both started working on imbalances, form, and overall strength. We’ve both seen HUGE improvements and we’re getting stronger every day.

Also – your take on supplements has helped us tremendously. We both now take fish oil, bcaa, zinc, D3, digestive aids and the ALA you recommended. I truly think this was the missing “key” in my workouts. I used to tell Josh – I would come in there Monday and Tuesday, and by Wednesday – I was wrecked and couldn’t complete a quality work out. It is truly unbelievable how now, I have the power, strength, endurance to get quality workouts in throughout the week. I am able to do a couple xfit endurance rides, and ONE (yes, I hate running now) xfit endurance run a week, and if I’m on top of BCAAs and Fish Oil – it’s like I am fresh the next day. I’ve lost about 15 lbs, and Ken has gained some and we’re both excited about getting stronger in Oly lifts and Xfit overall.
Oh – and Ken just did a Triathlon this past weekend – and basically made his goal with one run, one swim, and one bike a week.
I know you know this stuff works – but now that we are “all in” our quality of life is through the roof.
Thanks again.
Noelle Tarr was the Director of Marketing, Try Sports – Wilmington, NC before moving to Annapolis, where she and her husband, Ken Tarr (Cpt.-USMC), still practice the things we preach at CFW.  Noelle is now Market Director at Fleet Feet Sports, Annapolis MD’s premiere running and training store.
“The Five” (cont.) #2: Fish Oil
There are no Benefits to Fish Oil
These days everyone knows fish oil is good for you in some way or another.  It is not true.
Most fish oils offer no increases in health of any measure.  Most fish oil is just that, oils pressed from a fish.  If you purchase your fish oil from Walmart, CostCo, or even a health food store, you would do just as well to elevate a Croaker above your head, open your mouth wide, and squeeze the fish from nose to tail taking in a big tummy full of all its great juices…  straight from the “source”.  At least that way, the worthless oils and the heavy metals found in your fish oil, would be more fresh.  Heck, the juice from a Croaker’s arse may even taste better than crappy fish oils.
Let me make sure I am clear… do not purchase or injest cheap fish oil bought.  If you do, it then becomes more important that you don’t bring it to me and ask if it is “ok”?  My cost for answering dumb questions about fish has gone up exponentially in the past few months.  I wrote this article, Fish Oil Basics, a year ago.  If you have not, go ahead and read the article before we continue.
Well then, how do you know if the fish oil you buy is any good?  The first step is to stop shopping for fish oil.  What you are actually seeking are the essential Omega 3 fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and Docosahexanoic (DHA) Acids.  If you read the article I posted the link to above you know how to read the label and discern how much EPA and DHA are in each serving versus how much “other” omega 3s there are.  But there is another factor the label does not tell you about.
The method of how the toxic heavy metals, like mercury, are removed from the fish oil is just as important as how much EPA or DHA the product has.  Why?  If the metals are “cut” from the oil with solvents, you’re product with have trace amounts of the solvents in it.  The solvents are arguably almost as unhealthy for you as the metals.  You trade one evil for another.
Your fish oil should be purified through cold pressing.  This method removes the metals without contaminating it.
I decided to sell Poliquin’s fish oils because they are cold pressed and they are highly concentrated.  They are expensive.  But it you compare what you are getting in each capsule to the dollar and factor in they are actually healthy for you, you will find they beat the store bought brands without question.
Poliquin’s is not the only good fish oil.  I have recommended numerous brands over the years.  I no longer recommend Carlson’s.  They changed things up on us.  I do recommend Metagenics (Dr. McGraw sells it at his practice), Omega Maine and Nordic Naturals.  But that’s about it.  There are probably more, but I am certain about these. Take 1 gram per percent of body fat and you will be healthier in a week.
Kevin W. demonstrating the Push Press during Introduction #1


Bent Over Barbell Row  6-8 x 5
Subscap Pull Up  6-8 x 4
Barbell Biceps Curl  6-8 x 3

5 rounds of…
Agility Drill
5 tuck jumps
Rest 1 minutes

Olympic Weightlifting
Rest Day

8 thoughts on “Hello From Noelle and Ken and the Benefits of Fish Oil

  1. Gloria says:

    Dr. Sears wrote a whole book on the topic of inflammation (The Anti-Inflammation Zone) and how high-quality fish oil is imperative for all people. The problem is definitely in that we start out eating crap and continue in this fashion until somebody opens our eyes or we develop a condition in which inflammation is prominent. Even the healthiest individuals who are “pain free” and have no diseases have some level of silent inflammation (that is, inflammation that lays in wait) that’s related to what we eat or don’t eat. This book goes into great detail about how to fight this silent inflammation with diet and fish oil supplementation, as well as how to reverse inflammation once it has already manifested itself whether in the form of simple joint pain or full blown disease. All the things you say, Tony, about how much to take and what kinds to buy are right on point with Dr. Sears research. Additionally, he sells high-quality fish oil on his website http://www.zonediet.com.

  2. t. says:

    Gloria… I should have mentioned Dr. Sears and also added The Zone Brand fish oils. I forget about them easily for some reason. I attended a seminar with Dr. Sears on inflammation and athletic performance a couple of years ago, it was VERY in depth. Admittedly, I don’t reference Dr. Sears often enough. I do not because he tends to make things too complicated. So much the average person would never read most of his work. The Zone Diet is great example. The “block” concept was retarded. By trying to simplify eating, The Zone Diet made it very complicated and confusing for most. Here’s a secret (don’t tell ANYONE); I have always taught the Zone parameters (with Paleo foods and adjusted for the clients goals), only I left everything in grams. Crazzzzzy… but I figured the macro nutrients are listed on food labels and all the online nutrition resources in grams. Not to mention, the gram is a form of measure used worldwide, why not just stick with it? Just sayin’.

    Carlson’s users… don’t fret or worry. Finish your bottle and switch. You should be rotating your foods, that includes your fish oil too, anyway.

    For those of you who think 1 gram per % of body fat is a lot of EPA/DHA, I’m dosing at 45-50grams a day for the last 9 days and will be for another 6. I do this every few months or when I begin a heavy lifting period or when I am injured (or sickly). This time is a combo of all three… the last time I mega dosed was over Thanksgiving when I had a MRSA infection and put powerful anti-biotics onboard, I am training and lifting intensely at a high volume, and my torn labrum is still healing.

    For any of you trying to lose weight, dosing fish oil at 15-20 grams and removing grains from your diet with insure you succeed in dropping the lbs.

  3. Gloria says:

    Tony, I’m a geek and have read 3 of Dr. Sears books. It all makes perfect sense to me. And I also eat Paleo/Zone and preach that to my friends, but your secret is safe with m ;-). After my post last night, I was reading again in the anti-inflammation zone book and came across something you might be interested in or refute 1000% especially since you are taking 45-50g per day. I’m gonna look deeper into it via other sources but just to put a bug in your ear. In chapter 7 on page 85, he states that doses > 7.5g per day put a person at risk for hemorrhagic stroke. Perhaps, this means people already at risk for stroke or who have had a stroke should not take these quantities or maybe it’s just the “we had one person on a clinical trial stroke out” disclaimer. Either way, I’ll see what I find and get back to ya. But give me your opinion on this if you have one.

    Oh and one more thing….since you’re taking 45-50g a day does that mean your body fat is somewhere between 45-50%? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…just kidding, T. I understand the point.

  4. Meagan says:

    Great job Kevin, Meg, and Melissa. You all did great on your first intro. I had fun working with you all.

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