Tip: Do not consume caffeine post-workout to avoid excessive adrenal stress. However, caffeine pre-workout has been shown to increase performance across all energy systems.

Catherine squats to parallel during Day 2 of our grueling Hell Week.

All members can come in and run this workout.  There will be no scheduled classes, only our open gym hours, but there will be staff on the floor to help anyone who needs it.



AMRAP in 20 Minutes of…
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

11 thoughts on “Hell Week – Day 3

  1. Amanda W says:

    Is anyone interested in competing in Integrity’s Revenge that hasn’t signed up yet? I purchased a spot but am unable to go. It is a 2-day event in Charleston on October 6-7. You can change what division you’re registered for and even what sex you are….I simply purchased the spot. It’s $110. Please let me know if you would like the spot, otherwise I’ll just get a refund.


  2. t. says:

    I’m guessing many of you are feeling the stress of the last two days… and some are probably hurting a bit from running Cindy this morning. Make sure you’re eating plenty of protein. If you’re experiencing a huge increase in appetite, it is to be expected. Don’t try to fill it will junk. You need the protein and clean food.

    If you’re sore, pile on the BCAAs (1/4 of your BW in grams) and up the fish oil to 10-20 grams. Anti-oxidants will help too… I like 200-300 grams of CoQ10 twice a day.

    Only three more days.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I did this one at home. I still can’t get used to the Wednesday hours. I missed the gym energy for that 20 mins though. Question… anyone have any thoughts on the fermented cod liver oil? I like the A and D that you can get from it. Not sure if the 2 tsp dose on the serving size is the right amount. Anyway, if anyone has any info or thoughts on it that would be great.

  4. t. says:

    The only positive thing Cod Liver Oil has going for it is it’s vitamin d content. It tends to have high levels of mercury and other metals, goes rancid easily, and is a poor source of Omega 3s.

    I would need its brand name to go any further.

    Even still, I’d recommend taking D3 and a fish oil that its cold pressed.

  5. Charlotte says:

    It’s Green Pastures. I just had heard more negative things about the sourcing of fish oil and oxidation, so I was trying for a more natural source. Thanks though t.

  6. t. says:

    Neither is more natural than the next and both fish oil and clo have horrible reputations as being impure, rancid, and full of metals. The purity and the process contaminants/metals are removed is the important part for both. Green Pastures is supposedly a clean company and has a good rep. But when I look at their labels, there is no amount of EPA/DHA or even the Vitamin D their labels say they are a “good” source of.

    I don’t take Fish Oil… I take EPA and DHA. So if I choose to get my EPA/DHA from CLO, I would want to know exactly how much is in each serving so I could take enough servings.

    If you’re not getting at least 5 grams of a combined EPA/DHA, you’re taking enough. I take 15-30 grams a day… sometimes more if I am pushing the training hard or am sick. So I’m not sure how many 2ml doses of the Green Pastures I’d need to take each day.

    I’d stick with a high quality fish oil for your EPA/DHA source and get D3 to cover your Vitamin D needs (vitamin D deficiencies are corrected and levels maintained at bolus dosages of 35,000iu-50,000iu three times per WEEK). The Poliquin and SFH are both cold pressed and the SFH is the most potent per volume made. Metagenics is clean too. Dr. McGraw sells it. Nordic Naturals is good, but I think too expensive and comes in too small dosages.

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