HCL: The Starting Point
Many of you know I talk abou the five supplements everyone needs.  With each nutritional consult and BioSig we do, we address “the 5” first.  They are HCL, EPA/DHA (fish oil), V-D3, Zinc, and Magnesium.  Unless supplementing aggressively, everyone you know is deficient in each of these and everyone you know will get healthier (not necessarily completely healthy) if they supplemented with each.

I base all my nutrition and supplementation recommendations around health first.  I get improved performance from my athletes by improving their health first.

“A Simple Solution to Digestive Disorders”

Indisputably, health bulletins from such governmental organizations as the Centers for Disease Control are valuable, but you can tell a lot about the state of the nation’s health just from watching television commercials. That’s because major corporations spend millions of dollars airing commercials about health care products. One of their biggest investments is digestive aids, and among the best sellers in this category are those that deal with acid reflux.
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The bottom line with HCL is, not having optimal amounts means the nutrients in all the healthy foods you eat and all the expensive supplements you take are not getting into the body.  A few weeks or months of HCL supplementation can fix that.