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You don’t know what it’s like…
If you have always been active, maintained a level of fitness, and never been fat, then you just don’t know what it’s like.
It is easy for someone who has always been motivated to stay in shape to not understand how Americans continue to make horrible

An active life is a healthy life.

choices for their health and fitness.  You don’t know what is like to disregard all the fitness and diet information available to us and still put fattening, unhealthy food in your mouth.  You don’t know what is like to have no restraint and eat whatever you want whenever you want it.  As a health conscious person, you couldn’t possibly understand eating a large pizza and following it up with a container of ice cream in the name of having a bad day or being “depressed.”
Instead, you get up each and every day and spend your extra time doing healthy things.  Your trip to the gym, the pool, or your run route totally destroys your ability to relate to fat peoples’ behaviors.  It’s not fair for you, the one who chooses the gym clothes and post workout BCAAs over the pity robe and “comfort” foods, to

Decisions, decisions. Fat or fit... it is your choice to make.

pass judgement on someone who’d rather lay about watching TV and stuff their faces with crap food.  You eat lean meat, nuts and some berries for breakfast.  It ruins your ability to see why so many willingly and happily eat Pop Tarts or donuts and wash it down with a Mountain Dew each morning.  You make the decision to have a spinach cobb salad with chicken at lunch that you prepared the night before.  You probably think that makes you better than someone who has a Big Mac, apple pie, Coke, and a milkshake?  I bet you even think since you’re more productive after lunch than your french-fry-eating coworkers you deserve more pay too, right?  The fact is, you just don’t know what it’s like to NEED pasta.
In your world, fitness and health are priorities.  But for most Americans, they are not.  They don’t enjoy clean food, sunshine, and a good workout.  They would rather claim health issues and make excuses for their condition.  Until you’ve tried it, you won’t understand all the lure of being fat and unfit.  You will never know the joys of eating exclusively from the interior isles at the grocery store. Mmmmm…  all those preservatives and sugars.  Yum!
Your fingers, forearms, and bum will not ache from sitting through countless hours of online gaming fun.  I mean, World of Warcraft offers all the needs of society anyways.  Play it and you have no need to leave the house.
You won’t know depression either.  You won’t know what it is like to depend on prescription drugs to make you feel better about your inabilities to get up and enjoy life.  You don’t know what what it’s like to give in to your genetics.  Yes, genetics…  even you are genetically predisposed to storing fat.  You do what it takes not to allow your natural ability to fatten up for the winter to take over.  You have eaten healthy and remained active enough so you haven’t developed any obesity related conditions that contribute to becoming fatter.
You fit and healthy people are just insensitive to the plights of those who can’t control themselves.  It’s simply not fair that you make good decisions and others do not.  You are privileged, blessed even, with the knack for being accountable to yourself.  You cannot possibly understand what it is like.

End sarcasm…  a bit insensitive?  Maybe.  But I don’t think sugar coating our society’s acceptance of poor behavior is going to help improve the state of American’s health.  The idea that it is not an individual’s own fault for becoming obese is a liberal thought process that excludes people from accountability.  There are very few cases of obesity that could not have been prevented and/or rectified by diet and activity.

What are your reasons for not being healthy?

The fitness industry tends to feature stories about successes in relation to how many pounds someone loses.  I am proud that CFW has been an important influence on many people who’ve lost over 50, 60, 70, and even 100 lbs of fat from their “previous life”.   It takes character and strength to return to health once you’re far gone.

But I’d like to dedicate a post to all of you who have never allowed yourself to get out of shape.  You deserve a salute for never slipping down the slippery slopes of unhealthy habits.  You are the ones who set the example day in and day out of what it takes to remain fit in a very fat world.  Our society not only does not congratulate them, but often labels those of us who workout regularly as neurotic, among other things.

I think about Scott S., Bobby H., and all the others who have been active and fit their entire lives.  They’re over 50 years old and can out do 80% of american 20 year olds.  Both are successful, have children (the number one excuse women 26-42 years old in America have for not working out), and are as busy as the next guy. Yet they’ve always found time for health and fitness.
On the flip side, how about our “youngans.”  Cody, Tanner, Nick, Felice, and the rest of the young bucks are all in their early twenties.  They have limited budgets, hold numerous jobs each, and still find their way to the gym daily.  It’s a choice they make.  It is a conscious decision and opportunity afforded to all Americans.
So what about parents?  How can moms, Amanda, Kelly, Tracy, and dads Clair, Joe, Josh, our many others manage the “burden” and “stress” of having babies and children but hit the gym ferociously and habitually?  I mentioned earlier moms state having kids as the reason they don’t workout. Well, I guess our ladies have figured it out.  They somehow balance life with the gym and eating healthy.

So for those of you who have spent yourr lives, no matter how long that may be, dedicated to being fit and healthy, congratulations.  You deserve it.



Split Squat  5 x 5 (each leg)
DB Shoulder Press 5 x 5 (2/1/2/1)

4 Rounds @ 90 seconds per round
25m Sled Push (135/95)
Max number of KB swings (24/16) in remaining time
*rest 3 minutes per round

In subplementum
25 Tire Flips for time (330)

18 thoughts on “You Don’t Know What It’s Like…

  1. abs says:

    I too am a mom and often single one at that it changes your schedule but what better reason to stay healthy? I have my kids watching my every move! Congrats all my comrades in staying active. I’ve played soccer now for 26 years. EVERY YEAR FOR 26! Love every minute of it!

  2. errol belanger says:

    Currently I’m deployed to Afghanistan and, having attended CFW in the past, decided to follow the strength programing.
    What I was wondering was: what’s the recommended training cycle (I know this information is available in the comments, but due to the slow / iffy connection, this is my best course of action)? 5on 2off? 3/1 2/1?

    Also, how should I interpret (2/1/2/1) for the shoulder press?

  3. Abs says:

    I will be flipping wo “man” tires tomorrow miss Sara!
    Errol…thank you for serving and keeping up with CFW…thank you for your support.
    Know your body but ideally we still program 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off…least that is what most of us do.

    (x/x/x/x) is TEMPO. For the Shoulder Press its 2 seconds Concentric (lifting the weight) 1 second pause 2 second Eccentric (lowering weight) 1 second pause before next rep.

  4. Scott S says:

    when you think about the things that cause the CFW family to bond so well you keep coming back to the basics – we all love to be fit, we all love to workout with integrity and we don’t care about relative performance, just absolute performance of every person in the box. That is what binds us together.

    t.- once again you are too modest. You, and the military people, are a group of people worth celebrating as well. Your fitness and commitment are deserving of congratulations.

    We all fit into one group or another and the fact that we consider CFW home means we all have these shared values. Okay, enought pat’s on the back – who is up for the Open Competition?

  5. Josh says:

    Great Post t! Errol to add to Abby’s explanation and using the example (3/2/x/1) for a Front Squat TEMPO. The first number (3 in this case) will always be the Eccentric (lowering) phase/ 2 pause at bottom/ X= explode through the Concentric (lifting) phase/ 1 pause at top. Thank you for your service!

  6. Whitney says:

    Great post, T. The social climate right now is negative towards achievers. Smart kids get beat up in school. Rich people are demonized, successful businesses are demonized. When everyone is fat, they will turn on the fit. I really like this post.

  7. Sara Clark says:

    Can’t count the number of times friends back home have gotten after me for being thin or strong… somehow it’s “my fault” I dont wear a size ten and they do. technically a true statement. it is “my fault” but it is nice to hear it put in a positive way, rather than as an accusation 🙂

    Thanks to the guys for hanging around an extra five minutes while I finished flipping the tire. Darn thing was heavy, and very content sitting on the ground. 🙂 Glad I finished it.

  8. Sensei says:

    Excellent post,

    Has anyone been following Kate Rawlings? Your post made me think of her because she’s been working through a rough injury/surgery to her Achilles tendon (box jumps). It’s pretty cool to see someone work through things to KEEP and EXCEL at there fitness over and above injury/”limitation”.

    Here’s a vid she just posted to her FB page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk0Wed0C580

  9. Tanner says:

    We have become a culture of acceptance and euphemisms to make fat people feel better about themselves. Fat children are “big boned” or “husky.” Fat adults are thick or “natural” We refuse to address the issue of obesity and make people feel like its not their fault. We sue McDonald’s for making us fat. People have to stand up and take responsibility for their own decisions and lifestyle. It is not very difficult to workout once a day 4-5 times per week and not eat junk all the time. We have to stop explaining away fatness and do something about it. Great post t.

  10. Tanner says:

    That said, kudos to all those at cfw who have taken their health and fitness into their own hands and stopped making excuses for weight gain.

  11. Meagan says:

    I have shared this story with t. before…but it always makes me laugh…..how can some people choose to see the negative in something SO positive? A couple years ago, I went to my sisters wedding. As I walked around, I could tell people were talking about me…but wasn’t sure what the deal was. A week later I get a phone call….my family decided they were going to have an intervention. They just knew I was bulimic or on drugs. I was too skinny…truth is…I was the same size I am now. They said they saw my “bones”…what they saw were my back muscles. I commented about all the “carbs” they had…so of course I had to have an eating disorder. When I explained to them about the fact I worked out and enjoyed eating healthy and taking care of myself….I got laughed at and mocked. They couldn’t believe that the girl who always chose the twinkie over a nice walk in the park changed her life. I am sure they still snicker to this day and have their thoughts/ideas about my new found lifestyle, but I don’t care. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  12. Sweaty says:

    Awesome post, something that pretty much summed up my life at one point, including sitting behind a computer playing World of Warcraft all day. Nothing is impossible, change comes from within, hard work and dedication are the keys to success. Once you are there you know you have made it. The journey is the hard part, but it’s the part that defines you. Nothing in life worth having is simple or easy. Never give up, never surrender.

  13. Tracy says:

    Great post T! Fit and Healthy helped me to get pregnant (at age 39), have a really good pregnancy, do a modified version of FGB the morning of bringing on baby Harrison that night for a delivery time of 20 minutes! Fit and Healthy helped me to lose this post pregnancy weight (still have few lbs to go), have energy and be the best mom I can be! Thanks to CFW for helping me, supporting me and continueing to inspire me!! Love CFW!!

  14. Patrick says:

    I love this post. Everyone has an excuse not to workout and probably the biggest one is “i dont have time”.You’ve heard it ” I have a job and family and kid activities that take up my time.” BS!!! Get up at 5am, I’m sure the kids are asleep then. Drop your kids off at soccer practice and you have an hour to hit the gym or run around the field. You can squeeze it in sometime in the day if you choose too.

    I’ve been told I have an addiction to working out or your going to wear your body out before its time. Before what time? Before I die? And this is coming from folks that can’t walk from their cars to the soccer field without being out of breath and complain about their aches and pains.They take medication for all their ailments which could be eraddicated with excercise and a healthy diet. And they all know the solutions but still choose not to engage in a healthy lifestyle.
    We all have a choice and we can makes excuses for everything. My motto is “excuses are reasons for failure so don’t make them.”

    The same skill set required in working out is the same skill set required to be successful in life. And if you look around the gym our members are successful in their chosen fields. HMMMMMMMM

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