Crossfit Wilminington is Closed Today and there will not be a Yoga class tomorrow.
We wish you all a safe Memorial Weekend

Brave Soldier Challenge Today at ILM
Check out The Brave Soldier Challenge today, a new event series that will be launched right here in Wilmington.  It will be the first event of its kind, combining CrossFit, endurance and obstacle course competitions in a one day event.  The event will take place at the open field area at Wilmington International Airport. For more information about The Brave Soldier Challenge go here!

Monday Hours
9am-1pm; 330-6pm. We are planning ”Memorial Day Murph,” so plan your workout time accordingly.
Wilmington Strength and Conditioning Classes and the Olympic Weightlifting Class will meet at the regularly scheduled times


Bob Weeks (CFV t-shirt) owner of Fix for the Day, joined the 5pm Crew for "Garrett" yesterday. Bob and his crew completed an 18 day, 464 mile run from Asheville to Wilmington to raise funds for The Wounded Warrior Project and Step Up for Soldiers

4 thoughts on “Have a safe Memorial Weekend

  1. No GOOD says:

    That was one of the best WODs EVERY!!!! Got me all warmed up for MURPH!!!! Great push tonight thank you BOB and Crew. Cant wait for tomorrow morning.


    Please dont drink and drive this weekend call me if you have had to much to drink I will get you home, you may get tased or peper sprayed but that is just for my entertainment for getting woke up. But seriously this is the most dangerous weekend to travel. Take the extra second and slow down, (HODGE)

    Next Thank a VET, this weekend is not about a day off from work its about the path that has been laid before you were even here, it is about the path that is still being paved by our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brother and sisters….SO dont just put a flag up in your front yard because your calendar says so…put it up and leave it up because you are an AMERICAN, proud of where you live proud of your freedom and humbled for those whom that flag flys for.

    Be safe have a great weekend and enjoy

    Semper Fi , Your friend and brother Ron “No GOOD’ Holmes USMC MSgt Ret.

  2. Hodge says:

    awesome post No Good… and yea.. what a kick ass WOD to honor Garrett… had I not been in such a haze from it my driving skills would have almost been as good as yours….

    and like wise, remember that All gave Some… and Some gave All…. <3

  3. No GOOD says:

    Great job yesterday to all those that volunteered with the set up , support during and the take down of the Brave Solider Event! It was great to see CFW, CFCB, and PCCF all make a strong showing. Congrats to CFW for having a winner in every age group, congrats to Brock at CFCB I cant wait for Brock to get serious about his training ha! What a great day, We even saw IP out there, and in good fun he did finish behind Juno and I. He is going to come back with he had a 3 min penalty, but let him explain his 3 min penatly blah blah blah we will just have to wait till next year.

    For tomorrow I am running MURPH in “KIT” if anyone is interested in using the extra kit I have or wants to run it with me I am planning on starting at 0945. Have a great day…Oh I am putting in a fence today if anyone wants to come assist ha.

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