PainStorm Independence Day WOD and Cookout
– July 4th  4-7 pm
– Grill a blaze at 6:30pm.  Bring your own meat.  Drinks and beer provided.

POSE / Fore foot Running
The popularity of the Vibram Five Finger has brought much light and much debate over running technique and injuries both heel strike/long stride and fore foot running may cause.  I don’t usually require ten triple blind studies and years of data to be convinced that something works.  Sometimes observation and increased productivity and/or effectiveness usually works just as well.  POSE running not only made me faster, it made running possible again for me.  After numerous injuries, running became very painful for me.  During a two day POSE running / CF Endurance course, Brian and Carl of CrossFit Endurance showed me how to run… again.

Most runners opposed to fore foot running typically admit understanding why heel striking is injury causing and less efficient, but are unwilling to take the time and effort to learn to fore foot run.  It takes quite a bit of retraining and the transition can be a bit painful if not done with intelligent planning and progression.

Ryan “St. Louis” Hughes has experienced great gains in running performance by switching to fore foot running.  He’s made improvements on his technique by and large through personal study, video documentation, and self coaching.  Ask him about his transition and you’ll be met with excitement and eagerness to discuss the pros of POSE running.

Ryan pictured above at a Beach WOD and during the Kure Beach Triathlon in text book “figure 4” running position.  Ryan finished the Kure Beach race in 1 hour 16 minutes a fantastic time.  It was only his second Tri race and done “just for fun”… a look at his splits you’ll see his favorite event of the three is running.  Good stuff Ryan!


Snatch Grip Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 (3/0/3/0)
Close Grip Bench Press 8-8-8-8 (4/1/1/0)

Max rep KB Snatches (24/16) in 3 min (switch arms every 10 reps)

5 thoughts on “Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!

  1. No GOOD says:

    CFW FAMILY, I want to wish everyone a SAFE and happy 4th of July weekend!!! Happy Birthday AMERICA!!!!! This weekend please becareful, if you are too drunk call a friend or call a cab!!! If you can update your FB as to what you are doing and where you are at in an altered state than I would hope that you would have the mind set to call a friend. Everyone is important to someone! DON’T BE A SHEEP!!!!!!!

    Also Im putting it out there No GOOD has just donated $150.00 to FGB under CFW team name. Also $150 gets you the KICK ASS FGB SHIRT!!!!!
    Let me break down some crazy math for you.
    78 days till FGB 6, 12 weekends, if 200 CFW members donated $5.00 every friday for the next 12 weeks it would be $60.00 a person X 200 CFW members = $12,000.
    We come together on so many occasions, inculding this one. We have all seen the POWER that is CFW, I think this is a very realestic goal.
    Recently I had the honor of hanging with an active duty service member who has been wounded 4 times all extream injuries. He told me with a heavy heart that the Wounded Warrior Project did so much for his family when he could not…….Let that sink in espically when this Warrior I sat with was still serving and providing us our FREEDOM………

  2. Kelly Rose says:

    No GOOD~
    This is the first I’ve heard of FGB, what is it and how do I participate? $5.00 every Friday for the next 12 weeks is definately do-able!

  3. No GOOD says:

    OMG!!! FGB is a fund raiser WOD that is done CROSSFIT world wide every Sept! It is a 17 min WOD, that will leave you for dead ha! You can participate in a few way first is to mark it on your Calandar , 17 SEPT 2011 , location CFW, time all day. But to donate you can talk to Josh , i think he runs the donation collection for the gym or you can go to this link create you own account but when you regester this is where you will be able to join CFW. After you select your state, then you will select gym , scroll down to Crossfit WIlmington. After you make a donation you can ckeck it aginst CFW total. THe web site is slow and quirky but it works. There are gyms that have already collected $2500.00 Now to ensure you get the totaly saweet FGB tshirt you do need to create your own account. I know that a few people collect donations and add them to their account. Rember $150 gets you a t shirt!!!! Thanks for the support Kelly, sence this is your first time for FGB Im glad I will be home to share in the magic that is FGB!!!!!!!!

  4. Albert says:

    I looked at it the other day. I am planning on signing up and doing this one. I also plan on dying somewhere around round 3. 🙂

    I shall create my account now and start hitting up family and friends for donations.. 😀

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