I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media highlighting ripped hands. Some may say that it’s an initiation to CrossFit, however I beg to differ.


We use our hands in nearly every exercise that we do at the gym. Whether it’s squats, deadlifts, presses, or pull ups, you need your hands for your workout. Ripped hands can put you out of commission for up to a week or more if the rip is severe. So for that reason I say that ripped hands is not a right of passage for a CrossFitter, it’s simply detrimental to your training.


Missing a week of training, or at least having to modify your workouts for a week is not ideal. So here are some simple solutions for taking care of your hands and keeping them from ripping.


Stop when you know a rip is coming

  • It’s pretty easy to feel one coming on. You’ll usually have 2 or 3 reps where something doesn’t feel quite right. Stop there. The extra 2 pull ups or 10 kettlebell swings in one workout is a small number compared to the number of reps you’ll miss from a rip. ped egg

File your callouses

  • While calloused hands seem like the mark of a gym goer, callouses actually make it more likely for you to rip. As you hang on a bar the callouses fold up creating blisters and eventually rips. You can use products such as the Ped-Egg to sand down your callouses and get rid of dead skin.

Use hand lotion

  • Using some form of moisturizer on your hands. I personally like coconut oil and natural hand lotions made from fat. They’re a little better for your skin and can limit the extra chemicals found in most commercial lotions. Either way, keeping your hands moisturized will keep them from cracking and blistering during workouts.


Take care of your hands and they’ll keep you going at 100%. Rips are no fun, so let’s prevent them!