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New Years Eve Throwdown at CrossFit Fort Bragg
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Josh performs an overhead squat with some added stability. Supplemental stability work is necessary in order to make significant strength gains.

4 rounds for time of. . .
400 m sandbag carry (60/40)
Ground to overhead – Choose one weight and rep scheme

  • 5 x 185/125
  • 8 x 155/105
  • 10 x 135/95
  • 15 x 95/65
  • 20 x 65/45

*rest 2 min between rounds

Olympic Weightlifting
3 mid thigh clean @ 75% x2
5 clean shrug pulls @ 120%
10 jerks – easy, focus on landing.

7 thoughts on “Ground to Overhead and Sandbag Carry

  1. Sensei says:

    Great job this morning every one! Thanks for the great attitudes and great heart you put into your workouts!

    If I don’t see you before the new year, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Tanner says:

    Good times at 6 am. Great push, some of you are throwing around some serious weight. Gotta keep that form consistent on all the rounds. I promise you it is easier to drop under the bar than pull it up or press it overhead!!

  3. Sara Clark says:

    uuf. this one wore me out this morning, but it was fun!

    Anyone interested in doing a team for the greensboro war of the wods/ garage games on Jan 21? If not, ill go individual, but I think it might be fun. Let me know! 210.857.8499

  4. Emily H. says:

    Is anyone bored today?? i have a huge uhaul truck and need someone strong to help me (and Will) load it .. i just drove that thing around town and i’m a little scared for my life.. probably because i cant see over the steering wheel.. anyone got a booster seat for me!?

    also i have to figure out this evening how to attach my car to the tow thingy. anyone know how to do that?

  5. Emily H. says:

    or.. does anyone want to road trip to NY/CT tomorrow.. i’ll gladly pay for your flight back home…. think about it.. new york city at christmas time is quite spectacular!

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