American Open winner for the 77kg class, James Tatum, training yesterday at CFW. James will be holding a seminar on January 12th here at CFW. For more information, Click Here.



Join us today from 10am until 2pm to celebrate the grand opening of CrossFit Wilmington’s new facility (3.0), the holidays, and the gym’s 5 year Anniversary. The tight race for the team competition winner will come to an end with a final workout. Following the WOD will be a cookout. Please bring family and friends!

5 thoughts on “Grand Opening 3.0

  1. Mere says:

    Pat, this one is a Team Effort. I graduate tomorrow at 1pm and will need to leave by 11am, so Im not sure if I will be able to participate in the final wod either. Come by as soon as your off and at least you can be fed!

  2. sara clark says:

    Show up whenever you can! Your team will do what they can on their own, but we just want everyone to come out for whatever they can. Don’t stress. 🙂

  3. Jana Fogleman says:

    Congrats to everyone who participated in the team competition! This has been fun and definitely a learning experience for all.
    I hope to see everyone today to celebrate our completely awesome and innovative new gym!!

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