Military, Fire, Police, Ems, Teachers, Nurses, Students

Unlimited Classes – $125/month

12 Classes Per Month – $100/month

Open Gym – $50/month

10 class punch cards: $100

5 class punch cards: $60

We start everyone at CrossFit Wilmington off with a “No Sweat Intro.” We call it “no sweat” for 2 reasons. First, we won’t be exercising. We aren’t going to take you through a bunch of tests to tell you that you aren’t as fit as you need to be.

Second, we call it “no sweat” because we do not incorporate any high pressure sales tactics. We don’t try to talk you into purchasing something you aren’t ready for.

What we will do is get to know you. We will sit down for 20 minutes and just talk. Talk about your goals, what you’d like to get out of training with us, and most importantly, what you are doing well right now. We will build off your current successes to start creating momentum.

After the intro our staff will recommend a course of action that we feel will best suit your needs. For some it may be 1-1 personal training. For others it is CrossFit group classes. There is no one sized fits all approach, but we do promise to give you the recommendations that are most appropriate for you.


Everyone at CrossFit Wilmington starts with our Elements Program.  All of our Elements program is 1:1 personal training with a CrossFit Wilmington coach.

You’ll learn our basic CrossFit movements and how to navigate our CrossFit program. You will learn how to execute our movements safely and effectively and complete different workouts in each session. We’ll also talk about how to approach training with us, nutrition, scaling, and things you can do on your own to maximize the effectiveness of our training.

We have 3 options for to get started in our Elements Program based on your individual goals and training experience:

Basic – 3 sessions – $100   2 weeks

This is ideal for those with some experience with CrossFit exercises. You’ll learn or refresh the basics.

Plus  – 10 sessions – $360 – 1 month

This is ideal for those newer to CrossFit and fitness in general. We will go deeper into our exercise repertoire. We’ll also have a chance to work more towards your individual goals.

Premium – 20 sessions – $680

This is our favorite option for starting at CrossFit Wilmington. It provides personal accountability for nearly 2 months of training and allows us to work individually toward your goals.

If you’re not sure where to begin, sign up for your No-Sweat Intro today! We will show you the best way to get started.

How to Get Started at CrossFit Wilmington

Fitness is all about YOU. At CrossFit Wilmington we recognize that every person’s path is different and our approach to fitness will be different too. Getting started with us is easy, and takes only 20 minutes of your time.Complete the form to the left and we will contact you for your FREE Session today!