Rosie G. - 4th place in her division at the Tatas Run
     The last two weeks have been a blast.  FGB, The Run for Tatas, and yesterday’s pool workout at Tower were all great.  It seems like CFW members are into everything.
     A few of us are doing the Barbarian Challenge Run in a few weeks.  Anyone interested, join us.
     The Carolina CrossFit Challenge is December 11th.  Get signed up asap.  The spots are limited.  Oh… rumor has it there’s going to be a 40 plus Masters Division!

Mrs. Pat and Scott S. after the Leatherneck Mud Run last weekend
Hang Snatch – work up to a heavy single

5 rounds for time…
20 K2E

Hang Snatch Vid Demo
     The Hang Snatch starts with the barbell in the hang position (if not specifically stated, the hang is with the barbell somewhere between the knees and mid-thigh, though it can be anywhere from high to just off the floor)
 and received overhead, arms locked out and in a parallel or below parallel squat. Beginning the lifts from the hang position places training focus on the third pull (pulling yourself into a squat below the barbell).  Because of its focus on technique and its simplicity compared to a lift from the floor, the hang snatch is important in buiding confidence in new lifters.


10 thoughts on “Get some!

  1. Abs says:

    I am bummed to have missed the fun…but things needed to be doe. I am looking ahaead to this week NOW and Carolina Fitness Challenge workout regime…starts TODAY! I am so pumped to do this one again! lots of love to all the runners and walkers for the Ta Tas…CFW and its presence in the community is by far the most support of ANY firness institution here I’m sue!

  2. Scott S says:

    Pat and I had a great time at the Mud Run – Let me give a shout out to Duane Mixon who was on our team as well. Like many others, it it hard to believe the transformation he has undergone since he joined earlier this year. I had to struggle to keep up with the boy!

  3. Tracy says:

    Good Monring CFW!! Great workout this am love those HSPU! Just taught my 7th and 8th grade Physical Education class some CF moves! They were huffing, puffing and saying how do you do this Tracy?? It felt really good to teach them something that I love and enjoy! I told them to be ready every Monday morning its…3….2….1…GO!! Enjoy the day!!

  4. t. says:

    Tracy… the kids have little in their favor these days by way of fitness and health. You teaching them CF and GPP in PE class is probably all most of them get. They’ve a great role model in you.

  5. t. says:

    So we’ve started making demo videos, like the one posted today, of all the movements done at CFW.

    I’d like your feedback… are they a good thing? Would you guys like them or are the other resources, like and Cathletics, good enough?

  6. Tracy says:

    Thanks T! I love what I do! I like the demo videos! I was looking last nite how to do the hang snatch and K2E, it really helped along with Maura giving me a tip too! Great job to all the TaTa racers!! and that pool wod looked beastly!! Sorry I missed the fun but was in Charleston celebrating!!

  7. Rob the Ghost says:

    Definitely keep making the videos Tony! Only thing that I could suggest to improve is to make sure the vid’s you put up are with PERFECT form. Not to be picky, but you needed to get under that bar WAY faster, and you jumped forward just a tad. But hey, you were definitely 95%… anything I can do to help don’t hesitate to ask!!!

  8. t. says:

    Have you ever heard someone say “I’m not trying to be an a–hole, but…”? But what? But they’re gonna be anyway.

    So, “not to be picky, but…”. Hahaha.

    You’re right though Rob and being picky is the ONLY way to help someone improve. It’s obvious that I’m slow under bar (typical of me), but you catching the forward movement says alot. The wobble at the bottom gives it away quick.

    It’s good to have you back Bro!

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