[pullquote align=”left” type=”simple”]Frustration: to balk or defeat in an endeavor .[/pullquote]Many of us at the gym find ourselves frustrated.  Double Unders, Muscle Ups, Kipping Pull Ups, Snatch, Clean & Jerk…the list goes on.  As a member, I bet you feel like you are the only one that cannot learn how to do a certain skill and become frustrated.  We have all been there, including instructors.

Olympic Style Weightlifting is one of the most difficult disciplines we teach at CFW.  No only does Megan crush bodyweight style CrossFit workouts, she has become an excellent Olympic Lifter. She displays excellent technique… excellent technique she developed through many hours of hard work and a dedication to achieving her goals.

I remember my first day at Crossfit Wilmington.  I was by far the smallest girl in the original box.  I weighed a whopping 94 lbs, modified every workout, needed 2 bands to do a pull up, and the list goes on.  Most of the workouts included movements at a weight that was my body weight or higher.  One day I came in and saw a WOD with a weight under my bodyweight, FRAN.  Josh looked at me and asked if I could pick up the weight and do a thruster…I did two or three.  He asked me to jump up on the pull up bar and do a couple pull-ups, I did.  His next statement to me was, “You are RX’ing this workout.”  Yippee!!!!  I was so excited.  My first workout at Crossfit Wilmington that I could do without modifying it and I was stoked.  I began the workout and 21:32 later, I left with tears in my eyes.  Those of you that know me know I am not a crier.  FRUSTRATION had set in!  Fran is typically a sub 5 minute workout and it took me over 4 times as long.  I was frustrated, wanted to give up, cry, all of the above-but in everything I had ever endured in life I knew I was not capable of giving up!  I turned FRUSTRATION into DETERMINATION.

2009 - DL 155lbs at 94lbs BW
2009 – DL 155lbs at 94lbs BW

I am not the best at everything we do in the gym, however, I set small and achievable goals for myself until I became efficient and able to RX workouts.  This took time, dedication; the ability to say today just wasn’t my day, and taking recovery days.  My first goal was to get off the bands on the pull up bar.  I started with a green and a purple band.  Every day, I came in and worked on pull ups with a smaller band…then after about 2 months, I was doing strict pull ups and stringing together kipping pull ups.  I practiced pull ups every day that I went into the gym, and finally, I became efficient at them. Bodyweight exercises were not my nemeses’ though.

The deadlift, clean and jerks, snatches, shoulder press, etc.  FORM, FORM, FORM!!!  Tony must have said that to me at least a million times!  It stuck T.  I worked on form and technique so that I could lift what the other ladies were lifting.  The other ladies at this time would be Dawn, Taylor, Abby, Maria, etc.  Those of you that came from the first gym know that these ladies are strong!  My inspirations!  But the 95 lb clean and jerk was their warm-up, my bodyweight!  I was FRUSTRATED, but again turned that FRUSTRATION into DETERMINATION!  I was tiny, but I wanted to be strong.  I started adding more protein to my diet and adding muscle.  I put on about 9 lbs within a year.  I now maintain a bodyweight of 107-108.  I eat A LOT, but I train hard!

In 2010, I over trained…yes, me…overstrained!  I tore my rotator cuff after doing more than what I was supposed to!  This part is

2010 - 185lbs at 104lbs BW
2010 – 185lbs at 104lbs BW

important…my FRUSTRATION turned into OVER TRAINING!!!! My DETERMINATION had me in the gym almost every day.  I did strength, Crossfit, Group Fitness classes-I didn’t train with purpose.  Then it was too late!  Torn rotator and I could do NOTHING!  I was miserable!  I needed a goal.  I decided to do an Olympic Lifting Meet.  I began a strength program just squatting, signed up for an Oly Meet, and didn’t lift anything overhead until 2 weeks before the meet.  I competed in the 48kg weight class and placed 1st.  I was hooked. But like everything, FRUSTRATION, set in.  My weights sounded like pocket change when I dropped my bar!  I wanted more…a lot more.  So, back to it.  I began training for my next meet, then my next meet, then my next.  I found that in order to keep my FRUSTRATION DETERMINATION, I had to set goals for myself.  I am not naïve in thinking I will get everything I train for overnight, because I know I have a lot of work to do ALWAYS.  But my DETERMINATION helped me to train with purpose.  I enjoy competing.  It holds me accountable, pushes me, humbles me, and drives me to be better.  I want to be the best in all that I do in life, whether in the gym or outside.  I put 110% into everything I do.

December 2012 - 245lbs DL at 108lbs BW
December 2012 – 245lbs DL at 108lbs BW

FRUSTRATION used to be a word in my dictionary, but as a good friend recently told me, “Try word replacement therapy Meagan!”  He was right…replace FRUSTRATION with DETERMINATION.  You will find results in yourself, whether in a workout or in life, that will simply amaze you and everyone else.

– Meagan

15 thoughts on “Frustration and Success: CFW Instructor, Meagan, talks about being new at CrossFit Wilmington, the inherit frustrations, and the satisfaction of success.

  1. josh says:

    Great write up Meagan! I remember that Fran and how you pushed through it that day. It has been great watching your transformation and development as a athlete and instructor over the course of the last 5 years.

  2. Amanda W says:

    Meagan, it goes without saying that you look incredible. Your story and this series of pictures is the perfect testament to what TIME and FRUTRATION turned into ACTION will do. You are nothing short…haha…short….of an inspiration to us all. Keep reaching for the stars, pocket dyno-MITE. The American Open is yours for the taking.

  3. Casey says:

    FRIEND!!!!!!! Meagan I cannot tell you how much you inspired me to push harder when I was at CFW. You constantly cheered, yelled, and motivated me to be better and expect more of myself! You contiunually pushed positivity at me, and always encouraged determination – “Though she be but little, she is fierce” Meagan you KILL it, 24/7 and your determination is incredibly inspiring! THANK YOU FOR LEADING BY EXAMPLE and KICKING ASS. I have nothing by respect and admiration for you, FRIEND! Missing you in MD!

  4. Meagan says:

    Wow! Thanks guys. Everyone at CFW has made me a better person and has had me striving for more! Couldn’t have done any of this without great friends, coaches, and badass athletes to try and be like! I am truly a blessed gal!

  5. MARCIE says:

    I FEED off of motivational stories!! Thanks for sharing Meagan. This gives me more fuel to use, right on! Great job, keep up the awesome example you set. We all want to be like you!

  6. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    Not only are you a great example for us, you are also the nicest most supportive person ever. You are always smiling, always helpful and so encouraging. Not to mention how much you have inspired the crossfit kids to strive for those same qualities. Not many people would have the patience to corral a bunch of little kids into learning burpees, what food is a carbohydrate and what food is a protien and do it with such grace and such a big smile. You’re a gem and I love how awesome you look and how strong you are. Great work!

  7. Erin says:

    You’re the best Meagan!! Don and I have learned so much under your instruction and always look forward to your classes. Thank you for the article – and for yoga on Sunday! How funny was that watching Don hold some of those poses?! Ha!

  8. Rhonda says:

    I loveYou, Meagan; aka “powerhouse”. You get it done and are an excellent example displaying determination. You are the all around gal cause’ not only do you throw bars around like it ain’t nothing, you can dance your booty off with your cardio as everyone else tries to keep up, catching their breathe, AND, the kids. You have such patience and a great attitude to our kids. You promote fitness and eating right to them and I really appreciate this and all you have taught me. You Rock girl!

  9. Frank C says:

    Meagan has the worlds biggest hearts stuffed into a tiny, powerhouse body. She proves that determination and and a positive attutude can overcome anything. So glad we’re Buds. Proud of you!

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