Krista's first day Weightlifting. One word... Wow.


Jump Squat at 50% of max  3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
*Do not try to max these!!!  The purpose is to develop power and speed from just above parallel.  Don’t be a knuckle-dragger, try to “see what you can get”, and injure yourself.

Tabata Push Ups
Max reps in 8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds recovery

The Jump Squat:  No different in mechanics than a high bar back squat, the jump squat begins with the barbell in the “high bar” position.  Start the lift by squatting in a controlled manner to depth.  Return to extension and accellerate aggressively after you are above parallel and jump.  Absorb the weight by dipping slighty when you land.

26 thoughts on “Power, Speed, and Push Ups

  1. Tracey says:

    Sorry I missed out tonight because I do need to work on my snatch! We were slammed though so I am happy for that…see you next week to reconvene again to work on my olys!

  2. No GOOD says:

    CFW staff great job with the TP classes all day. Its funny how little you actually know after trying something new to better yourself. Tonight was also my first night helping coach the OLY classes. I really enjoyed it and it is always amazing to see the hunger for perfection in the eyes of our CFW members. Great job all looking forward to next week!! And for all heading to the barbarian challenge we are meeting at CFW at 1-130. Departing @ 140. We have 11 CFW members going to compete/raise hell for the event!! SAWEET!!!! And last thing some of you may have seen this and it is similar to 2 cf’ers 1 bucket but it is just as hilarious……
    . “it smells like… Elite” have a great and safe weekend and remember ” the only easy day was in someone elses gym” who said that….. No GOOD!!

  3. Brad says:

    Want some brain food? Watch this interesting short video on the impact less than healthy food is having on our families. What is especially the lack of education about healthy eating kids are getting – especially at the lunch counter. Indirectly this is yet another endorsement for paleo way of eating:

  4. Brad says:

    Translation of 2nd sentence: “What is concerning is the lack of education about health eating our kids are getting – especially at the lunch counter”. Sorry for the big thumbs.

  5. Meagan says:

    Awesome work Krista! You are always working on those Oly Lifts. You Rock.

    Yogi’s out there….next Thursday night we will work on form for Warrior Poses and do some tabata holds. We will work on balance, hip openers, etc. The class will move slower so that we can make sure everyone knows how to set up basic yoga moves. Then, we are going to turn our Yoga class into a Crossfit Tabata!!!! Fun Times. See you all next Thursday at 8 PM.

    Great work last night in class guys. Clark…your crow is looking good man! Happy Friday!

  6. Abs says:

    Good time yesterday teaching Rigger point! i learned a ton and will DEFINITELY be implementing it into my trainer…oh and any volunteers to “buff” my back for like 90minutes today…don’t all jump at once! Sensei thanks for all you help lastnight! Rachel P…i’m sorry I missed our WOD date…ugh but keep working hard!
    Good Luck to the CFW Barbarians…I am SO bummed to be missing it~!

  7. Rob the Ghost says:

    …My chic bad, my chic good, my chic do things that your chic wish she could! Awesome work Krista, keep it up, don’t get frustrated, just get mad, focused, and lift it!!!

    And great job to everyone else that attended last nights Oly Class! It makes me proud to see my advice listened to, absorbed, and then put into practice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it takes months if not YEARS (took me years) to develop spot on Oly technique. Don’t give up, keep coming back, be coachable and you will all drastically improve your strength, power, and coordination!

  8. t. says:

    Brad’s daughter Emily knows about enough on diet and cooking to teach our classes. Josh and Em teach Julia to cook. It’s a great thing.

    And the Sorgs (Mike), their little one is all about Paleo… she says “Cats are Paleo too. You just have to pull the fur off.”

    You just have to start them early.

  9. Sensei says:

    Here’s my question, as Abby and I were talking about this last night:

    If your kid is enrolled in public school, how do you guide them to eat healthy? Can you give them breakfast/lunch to take with them?

    I want to learn more about this, as I want to start including it into my lesson plan for the kids Jujutsu classes.

    I think there is a lot to be learned and offered here.

  10. Abs says:

    Sensei…I say by setting a good example! I was telling Brad this lastnight! I got REALLY frustrated as Dominic is in a goverment funded Pre K program. It is FREE to us BUT one of the stipulations of the program (as I found oput when I sent Dominic to school with lunch from home) is that each child HAS to eat the school breakfast and lunch…to include pizza, nuggets, corndogs….(all the above can be for breakfast mind you) and for snack veggies with RANCH or Apple sauce. We have no choice and i think it is so WRONG. Dominic is 4 and he knows what is good and bad ESPECIALLY when it come to sugar. We do not do juice except on weekends after soccer and on
    Fridays for lunch…it works for us and its a treat for them. Dominic was ogiven juice at school on Monday and said “no thanks” and instead of offering him a cup of milk or water he was given the option to go out of class to water fountain. dominic was sad becasue he didn’t want to leave his friends to get something to drink. I talked the teacher and asked he what they do for the kids who are lactose intolerent…she said give them juice. I said for her to think of my kid as “sugar intolerent” and give him milk or water. She was floored.
    i mean come on these women that care for my child are amazing and patient wonderful human beings…I wish they would realize how much EASIER their job would be if sugar wasn’t a factor in these kids diet!
    I wasn’t always has cautious with my kids diet. But Dominic 18months ago was a BEAR…he had mood swings every 20 minutes. It was driving me NUTS. I stopped the apple juice and he is 100% calmer and more easily dealt with. He is still a boy and hard headed but atleast he is consistant.
    So there is my winded and passionate comment.
    Explain to your kids what different food does to yur body. they are more perseptive than most think. aloow them to be kids and have birthday cake and halloween candy but intstill in them that these are TREATS and not a dialy thing.
    Its amazing how much leverage I get with a friggen ice cream cone now…cleaned ooms, please and thank yous and cooperation… ! hot damn if I offered a cake i might get the crs cleaned and laundry done!

  11. Whitney says:

    My kids are paleo but only ages 2 and 1 so they are still under my control for the most part. At preschool I know the 2 year old is getting cupcakes and cheeze its on the reg, but I welcome it. I feel he has to build up a tolerance to an occasional insulin spike and everything because he will inevitably rebel against paleo and I don’t want that phase of his life to be a complete shock to his body. But I can totally tell when they have a high junk snack at school because his behavior is dramatically different in the afternoon. Sensei, the answer to your question is: don’t enroll them in public (government ) school! Home school or get a 2nd job to send them to private. The indoctrination centers, I mean schools, serve food that is of lower quality than the food served in prison. I’m pretty sure even the lettuce is processed to include sugar. There is no healthy choice given the appallingly low quality of food. Great oly class last night, thanks Ron and Caleb for all your help. I can’t wait to break this 65lb snatch barrier.

  12. Chris S. says:

    I’m sure there has got to be some paleo / low carb doctors out there (Maybe Eric Westmen in Durham? who will support you. Most people will believe/take anything an MD writes or puts into their hands. Just have her or him explain the medical reason (metabolic syndrome, gluten/lectin/lactose/casein intolerance, family history of cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, etc) why your child specifically can not have a high sugar/starch load and that he needs to have a “special diet” which you will provide.

    Good call on the homeschooling. I wish Elementry/High Schools were run more like the university system. Not government run, but government endorsed. Better pay for teachers, better competition, more choices. I think charter schools are leaning more towards that direction.

  13. Rachael Parker says:

    Abbs—stop saying your sorry and be on time next time! 😉
    Oh- My biggest rant is the fact that I get a LOT of flack for spending so much of my money on the “grocery” section of my monthly bills and people tell me how much I could save if I couponed…no I can’t not with the food I eat! People can cry out all they want about how much money they saved w/ coups but if they weren’t all eating things the color of cardboard they’d see why its so expensive to eat healthy. Seriously, I watched the food revolution show that Oliver put on and those people straight up scare me (not to mention they kinda look a lot like the “future” people you see in Wall-E)!! For real, I don’t eat stuff filled with crap, with chemicals, or additives. I eat fresh food (locally produced if I can) and I’m not going to be a bad steward of my body for the sake of “saving money.”

  14. Dawn says:

    T rigger Point seminar yesterday was awesome. I learned a lot and I felt great afterwards. Thank you 5:45 for bearing with me while I taught the class. 🙂

    And on the note of food they feed kids. I think it is terrilbe, Clair and I talk about what they are feeding Kaiden in preschool. Cinnamon buns for breakfast ….REALLLY!!!!

  15. Audrey says:

    I hesitate to write this because I am probably going to stir up a hornet’s nest but here it comes anyway because this is a subject I feel very passionately about. I agree 110% with Jamie Oliver and various other comments made concerning the sugar-rich and nutrient-poor, processed foods that the majority of Americans “live” on. What I don’t understand is why “supermarket paleo” is considered any better. Unless you’re eating locally (as Rachael mentioned), then the meat that you are purchasing from the grocery store is really not any better, it’s factory farmed.

    So what do you get with factory farmed meat?? You get unhealthy animals, raised in filth, fed sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics, given hormones, and fed things that they were never created to eat.. You get arsenic (reference Mark’s daily apple, you get E.coli 0157:H7 (reference NYT article about hamburger, you get eggs with Salmonella because hens are fed contaminated meat by-products, you get dairy products loaded with hormones (rBGH), so where is the logic here?

    So what I’m saying is that we should not only think about what we are eating, but we also need to consider where this food comes from. So eat paleo, but eat grassfed meats, pastured poultry and hogs, eggs from pastured hens – not the crap from the supermarket.

    OK, so I’m off my soapbox now – let the rock throwing begin..

  16. drew says:


    I understand what you’re getting at, but “supermarket” paleo is still better than “mainstream” diabetes diets. You can find stuff at the store that is hormone free/etc, you just gotta look for it and be willing to pay a bit more for it.

    All the paleo books/articles I’ve read mention that we need to think of the source as well as the food, but unfortunately I don’t have time to go slay cows for my daily food, yet.

  17. Brad says:

    Free paleo meat ! take a drive up I40 and find plenty of forest fed venison… The highway department will appreciate it.

  18. Sensei says:

    Drew, “yet” HAW! Awesome! I’ve got land, let’s all chip in on a couple calves and have a community butcher in a year!

    Audrey, I completely agree with you! lot’s of theories as to why highschool girls boobs are bigger at a younger age than thirty years ago….But, I digress…

    I am with you on everything and so is my wife! we only eat organic beef. We need to all start somewhere and I think I am going to start the local revolution to start teaching our kids how to cook real food and say yes to better eating!

    Project “Be Awesome” is beginning!

  19. Rachael P says:

    Okay peeps! My dad elk hunts every year, in fact he’s doing it as we speak, but we have some ground 1 lb “elk”-burger that I’ll bring for anyone who would like to try it. Let me know asap if you’d like a pack and I’ll make sure to bring it in one day next week. I’m going home to j-ville tomorrow so I can stock up then! 🙂 it’s really worth trying…especially in the ground form it goes great as a beef substitute in all meals. (and yes venison is a GREAT way to get lean red meat that is hormone free and killed safely into your diet…there are plenty of hunters in our areas, especially Leland…I’m sure they’d give you some. Plus hunting season just started last weekend so you can make buddies now and be set for the year!)

  20. Sensei says:

    Rachael P,

    Please, Please, Please, can you get me some of that Elk burger!?!?!?! It’s absolutely amazing on breakfast burritos with Green Chile!!


  21. Audrey says:

    Hi Rachael, I would LOVE to try some as well and if you wouldn’t mind bringing one back for me. Thanks!!!!!!

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