CFW 4-7 Year Old Kid’s Kamp Begins This Monday, June 18 at 9 am
The annual CFW Kid’s Kamp begins Monday. This session is for children ages 4-7 and it is not too late to sign up. Activities will include Crossfit workouts, gymnastics, yoga and nutrition discussions. Cost is $125 per child and a discounted rate of $75 for additional siblings.  A light snack will be provided but parents are asked to pack a lunch and water bottle for their children.

Supplement Order Is Now Placed On Monday
Reminder that the supplement order will now be placed on Monday. Please have your orders in to Tanner before Monday at noon.

Sarah (gymnastics coach at Port City Gymnastics) begins a deadlift.  She initiates her pull byleaning back with her weight on her heels, engaging the glutes and hamstrings while maintaining a tight lower back and upright chest and her shoulders back.  The dead is referred to a one of the “slow” lifts.  However, there should be nothing slow about it.  No matter the weight, the athlete must attempt to gain momentum on the bar by pulling as fast as possible.  When lifting sub-max loads for reps (if Rx’ed tempo allows), the lifter should be applying max effort.

Crossfit Day 5/Week 1

Bench Press 5 x 4-6r

4 Rounds for time of…
20m Prowler Push (+50/+30)
6 Kipping Pull-ups

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch Pull 100% (of snatch) x 4r x 5s
Snatch Push Press 4r x 4s
Snatch + 2 OHS x 3s
Back Squat 85% x  3r x 5s
Weighted Sit Up 10r x 3

14 thoughts on “Bench Press and Prowler

  1. Whitney says:

    Do the parents have to be members for the kids to go to camp? Hi everyone, I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Meagan says:

    Whitney….you are so adorable…..I just love you…parents do not have to be members for their child to atttend. Then…..maybe we can get the parents to join. Haha

    Sarah… CFW. You are doing a super job. Keep it up girlie.

    Kipping pullups… favorite!!!!

  3. nickalltogether says:

    Excited to find out what a prowler pushup is! And I missed being in the background of a picture again! Haha

  4. Noelle says:

    So, could you review or post where you talked about the ascension and descension counts on lifts? After today’s deadlift caption I think I need a little review and want to make sure I understand the purpose of each count. I searched for that post, but came up with nothing.


  5. Tanner says:

    Noelle, the tempo will be a series of four numbers. The first number is always the eccentric (negative) portion of the lift, the second number is a pause b/t the eccentric and concentric, the third is the concentric (up) portion of the lift and the fourth is any pause b/t the concentric and the eccentric. For example yesterday’s deadllifts had a tempo of (4/0/x/0). Deadlifts are a little tricky because they begin with the concentric contraction so you have to look at the 3rd number, in this case “x.” If the tempo is “x” that means to perform the lift as fast as possible. Even if the deadlift looks and feels slow, it’s all about the intent, try to lift it as fast as you can. There would be no pause at the top of the deadlift, a 4 second descent and no pause at the bottom. Hope that clears things up!

  6. Sensei says:

    Excellent work this morning everyone! Lots of people and lots of good hearted help on those bench press. Encouragement and aggressive presses. I didn’t see anyone “leaving anything on the table” so that is AWESOME!

  7. sara clark says:

    Hey all- Albert and I want to get a group to do the SC tough mudder in october. If youre interested, please contact me. clark . saracatherine @ gmail . com

    There is a prize for least clothing…. Melissa…

  8. Sara Clark says:

    CFW KICKBALL team anyone?! Early registration ends June 24th, and you need about 15 people on a team (11 playing at once)… Our office had a team the last time around and it was really fun!

    If there is any interest, let me know in the next week!

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