“Fat Head”  – A documentary counter to “Super Size Me”
Watch this video and post your thoughts to comments.

The Wilmington Police Department and Wilmington Fire Department will be playing in their annual “Guns and Hoses” charity softball game tomorrow at 5pm at Buck Hardy Field (Legion Stadium).  Tickets are only $6 and the proceeds of the game will go to funds for the children of SGT Jody McPherson who passed last year from brain cancer and Ofc. Tillman Ivey, whose wife perished in a car crash last year.  As an added bonus, purchasing a ticket gets you admission to the Wilmington Sharks game right after at no additional charge.  See Josh or Caleb for tickets to the event.


In the past month Wilmington Weightlifting / CrossFit Wilmington had 3 weightlifters lift  in competition.  All three placed first in their weight class.

  • Peiwen Thor competed at the Bull City Barbell Open, in Durham, NC,  in the 48kg weight class with a 69kg total.
  • Julie Glover competed in Durham as well. In the 63kg weight class she totaled 117kg.
  • Scott Smith competed at the Pan-Am Qualifiers in the 77kg weight class and totaled 129kg.


The North Carolina Weight Lifting Championships are September 10-11.

WWL and CFW will start a new Olympic Style Weightlifting Course the second week of July.


Squat  8 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 8
DB or KB Shoulder Press  10 – 10 – 10 – 10
DB or KB Upright Rows  6 – 6 – 6 – 6
*No more than 45 seconds b/tw sets.  Warm up thoroughly then storm through all three movements with as much as you can maintain excellent form with

2 rounds for time…
25 Sledge Hammer Strikes (16lbs/10lbs)
25 KB Swings (24kg/16kg)

16 thoughts on “Wilmington Weightlifting Club Champions

  1. Albert Steed says:

    I watched that movie a month or two ago after Shawn recommended it. I liked how he showed some of the ways that supersize me was just not plausible the way the guy claimed.

    I also liked the way they showed the details behind the current food recommendations from the government.

    Other good parts were asking the people on the streets what was smart to eat and what wasn’t. His doctor also tripped me out when he got the test results back.

  2. Scott S says:

    Hey you didn’t mention our only NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! Our own t. Won the 94kg class in the 35-39 class at the Masters Nationals this spring. His total was 219 kgs. We are proud of you t.

  3. No GOOD says:

    Cograts Julie G , Scott and to THOR. I had no idea Peiwen’s last name was THOR, kid of makes sence why shes a Bad ASS!

    Cant watch the video the link is blocked.

    ANd have the Cops ever one this game, dont the firmen usually clean up? hahah

  4. Andy C says:

    Yes Ron, the firemen usually win this game and will win again. Ha

    I have watched this movie twice. Pretty basic stuff but it’s a good one for those that think the Paleo stuff is just a fad. Good eye opener. I work with a guy that just wouldn’t buy into Paleo until he saw this movie. Now, he’s strict and says he’s never felt better.

  5. JRho says:

    Ron – did you mean “won” instead of “one”? One is often used when referring to cops because we are after all NUMBER ONE. Firemen usually clean up what the cops have left behind them…..very nice of them to do so.

  6. No GOOD says:

    Ok I meant WON and JRho….what your saying is you LOST….im just saying….If you aint first your last! Rickky Bobby

  7. Andy says:

    Cops are the ones that were picked on in school and were’nt that good at sports so we usually keep the game close. Last year, we even had the cops spouses cheering for the Fire guys.

    God created Firemen so police could have heroes!

  8. Meagan says:

    Nice work guys. You all did an awesome job. I guess I have to get my butt back on the platform.

  9. No GOOD says:

    Weak…JRO is trying to justify losing by one run two years in a row. SO one the cops did not improve, the arguement could be that the firemen didnt either but at the end of the game the only thing that matters about the score when time expires is who got the W not my how much just who got the W.

  10. caleb says:

    Two things, both for Ron…#1 “your” is not the same as “you’re”, #2 there is no timer in baseball/softball, there is a set number of innings and then the game is over…just so you know

  11. No GOOD says:

    Caleb, Thanks for the grammar correction. I guess when we are talking smack I should have been more specific in my end of game sports reference, my fault for forgetting I was swimming in the shark tank spraying blood on everyone. A W is still a W and WFD has them.

    As for RP’s late entry, even if you still had your badge it wouldn’t help……..

  12. JRho says:

    Either way RON……at the end of the game I love that WPD and WFD support their own in times of need. Games like today bring all of us together…….as an extended family no matter what color you put your badge on! You NO GOOD have blue and red family 🙂
    AND thanks t for regulating!

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