3 thoughts on “Friday 31 Dec 2010

  1. Taylor says:

    Hey all–
    I order my almond flour from my food guy who gets all my cake supplies. His minimum order has to be $150. Since it is not cake season, I do not have a million other things to order, my order wont reach $150 and I am out of flour. A 5 lb jug of flour is $26. in the store from Red Mills, you will pay $1.58 per ounce. Mine comes out to $.315 per ounce. I should totally mark this up and make a zillion dollars…however, all I would like to know is if anyone is interseted in putting an order in so I am not stuck with a whole crap load of flour. Text me if you think this is for you, I don’t really get on line much at all lately. 910-233-3197. Text, cause I probably wont answer the phone either 🙂 Love you guys!

  2. Abs says:

    Happy New years EVE!!!!! So Melissa and Caleb and I have discussed a Plunge in the Atlantic at MIDNIGHT! Who is interested??? If we can get a group and maybe want to PRE FUNK at my house that will be FUN! We are gonna take the dip at CB baby….at the access in front of CrossFit CB….who is in? Lets ring in the New Year at the OCEAN!!!!

  3. Taylor says:

    I’ve gotten a lot of responces for the flour. Im sure I will have no problem meeting the minimum for delivery. Ill let you all know when it comes in next week, they deliver on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll get a few extra just in case more peeps wants some.
    Have a happy New Year everyone! Please be smart and be carefulwratincy xviie

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